September 2020 Update

Dear friends and family,

We have more BIG NEWS to share with you this month! We have been in the USA for 3 months now and God has given us the incredible privilege to be able to share our time here with family, churches, friends, and supporters. Read on for all the details of this past month!

Pic: Hondurans in the USA! Elizabeth is half American and half Honduran. This month in the USA God has given her the joy of catching her first fish with one of her cousins, jumping on a trampoline, learning how to play the piano, and along with Job, experience the beginning chills of the fall season here in the Midwest. These are unique experiences for a Honduran!
Pic: Catching up! Serving God as missionaries in Honduras doesn’t allow us the opportunity to spend time with friends and family in the States much. This month though, God gave us the great pleasure of visiting friends and family in both Oklahoma and Texas. We visited LOTS of friends and supporters, as well as Job’s sister and her family. We are so blessed!
Pic: Sharing updates on the ministry. This month we also had the opportunity to share updates on the ministry with 4 churches, 1 in Nebraska and 3 in Oklahoma. Job also shared a little bit with an AWANA group and Adria shared with a girl’s small group. Overall, this month has left us a bit exhausted from all the traveling. But at the same time we are filled with encouragement from all those we’ve been able to spend time with! Praise the Lord with us!

Our next church visit will be on October 11th to Christ Community E-Free Church in Sioux Center, IA. If your church would be interested in hearing about our ministry please email us. We are planning to return to Honduras November 30th so we still have plenty of time left. Also, let us know if you would like to get together sometime while we’re here.

Praise God:

  • For this huge blessing of time with family, friends, and supporters!
  • For a successful dental surgery for Job, removing a wisdom tooth (and 2 molars) that had been causing pain for several months now!
  • For the final donations received to finish paying for the land! Yes! This is the BIG NEWS we wanted to share with you this month! God has provided the funds to make our last payment on the land! We cannot even begin to express our gratitude and joy that our team of supporters has brought to this ministry. Our hope and prayer is that God rewards you for your generosity and that He uses our teamwork and this property as a tool to make His kingdom grow. Please continue praying with us!

Pray to God:

  • For continued safety during our travels this month.
  • That He would reward each supporter that prays, encourages, and gives so that we can serve in Honduras full-time.
  • For more monthly supporters so that we can meet our physical needs.

What is next?

Several of you have asked if we plan to live on the property, and the answer is yes! Currently there aren’t any buildings on the property, so our next step now is to raise funds for improvements. We are estimating to spend about $35,000 to repair fencing, install water storage tanks, and build a house. Please pray about this next big step with us and if God calls you to give towards this project, be sure to include a note with your donation to specify that it is designated for the “building project.”

Also, just a reminder that you can follow Job’s social media pages for more frequent updates. You can find him on facebook: Job David G├ímez Abelar and on Instagram: @tpjgamez.

As always,

THANK YOU for praying with and for us!

THANK YOU for sharing your blessings with us!

THANK YOU for allowing us to serve God full-time in Honduras!

May God reward you GREATLY!!!

Much love,

Job, Adria, & Elizabeth