October 2022 Update

Dear friends and family, 

October has flown by and we are in the final stretch for our trip to the States! Elizabeth is already counting down the days until we see Grammy and Grandpa again! It’s been almost 2 years since we’ve seen you all and we are excited to share how God has been working through your prayers, encouragement, and support! We are so thankful to God for the opportunity to be able to go this winter and visit several churches. Read on to see how we have seen God’s hand in the calling to reflect Christ this past month!

Pic: Greek and street preaching.
God has continued to strengthen Job as he prepares in expository preaching at the Baptist seminary. This seminary focuses on the grammar of the original languages that were used to write the Bible. Job will be studying both Hebrew and Koine Greek. Currently he has already finished half of the Greek classes. During the module last month he invited his classmates to join him in street preaching in Siguatepeque. Two classmates accepted the challenge and together they went to preach along the street where people have to stand in line for the bank for an hour or more. Oftentimes, trips to the bank here take about 2 hours. You can see our video about this here: Going to a Bank. These long waiting lines are great opportunities for preaching the gospel to people who may never enter a church in their entire lives! Hopefully more pastors will see this opportunity and begin street preaching as well!
Pic: Opening doors for the future.
Education is a luxury in Honduras. Many schools in rural Honduras are literally falling apart. This is a critical situation and last month we learned that a kindergarten school here in our community, just a half mile up the mountain from us, is one such school that is falling apart. During a windy rainstorm the roof was blown off and left the adobe walls exposed to the rain. The parents and kids have been incredibly discouraged as they are unable to fix the school with their limited resources. We are filled with joy that we are able to serve the community, and in doing so, earn spiritual authority to share the gospel in a way that sets us apart from those teaching the prosperity gospel or Catholicism. This will also help us to gain trust from the community when we begin to establish the church. Furthermore, this will open doors to be able to share the gospel at the school and plant in the hearts of several generations!
Pic: Beets and coffee.
This month we finally finished the initial process to establish the cooperative for subsistence farmers. After passing through all the red tape and bureaucracy, Job was able to receive permission to start the business and we praise God for this long-awaited approval. God has also provided a formal market for the commercialization of coffee and beets, products that we will encourage subsistence farmers to produce so that they can receive better profits and leave the poverty cycle as they continue to farm. We hope this opportunity to share the gospel with them will change their lives and families.
Pic: A water tank from Heaven.
God has allowed us to work to gain access to water in dozens of communities, but at the demonstration farm for many months we still did not have a secure access to water. However, God worked in a miraculous way and in just 1 week, the water access that we didn’t have for 9 months, was given to us from Heaven! First, God opened a permission to connect to the city water system, after we had already received no as an answer, twice! Then, God provided funds for a large water tank as well as a system to clean the water. Once again we want to give testimony that waiting in God’s perfect time and perfect way will surprise you. Now that we have a secure access to water we can focus more time on missions and enjoy the permanent access to water on the demonstration farm.

All we do here is both impossible and in vain without God. It is all for His glory. Each one of you that support us through prayers, encouragement, and finances are part of this work.

Praise God:

• For the water tank and secure access to water!

• For the opportunity to serve in a local school and share the gospel there!

• For the opportunity to do street preaching in Siguatepeque!

Pray to God:

• For the funds needed for our flights to the States this winter.

• For a 4×4 SUV that we can use to visit churches and supporters in the States.

• For a healthy baby boy, due next May.

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As always, 

THANK YOU for praying with and for us!

THANK YOU for sharing your blessings with us!

THANK YOU for allowing us to serve God full-time in Honduras!

May God reward you GREATLY!!!

Love in Christ,

Job, Adria, & Elizabeth