December 2020 Update

Dear friends and family,

We thank God for each and every one of you that through the years, and especially this year of 2020, have kept us encouraged and supported, emotionally, spiritually, and financially. We thank God for your willingness to come alongside us and bless us so that we can sow His word here in Honduras. We are truly an extension of your love for your neighbors across borders. We pray that God would continue to bless your families and that our planting here would be a blessing. THANK YOU for loving us and caring for us this past year, despite many obstacles! May God bless you abundantly!

image_6483441 (3)
Pic: FINALLY!!! Working on the future demonstration farm! Due to Covid, we were not able to invest time and effort in the property this past year. The government had put into place extreme lockdown and quarantine measures and because we don’t live in the community where the property is, we were not allowed to go work there. Thankfully, after the 2 hurricanes, the government has not returned to a lockdown, so we have finally been able to get to work on the land! The first priority is the coffee harvest since there is a small plot of coffee and it is ready to be harvested. Many of you have already tasted Honduran coffee and you know how delicious it is. Unfortunately, the previous owner did not maintain the coffee trees, so for the next 3 years the coffee harvests will probably be irregular and less than par. This past Saturday, we started harvesting the first coffee picking. Job’s dad, Francisco (in the brown sweater), has been helping us with this, along with several neighbors in that community that are in need of work. It’s a blessing to see how this small plot of coffee that God has given us is already blessing several other families. Please pray with us that God would continue making this blessing grow!
Pic: Damage from Hurricanes Eta and Iota. As you already know, 2 hurricanes hit Central America back-to-back, in less than 10 days. Now families are beginning to return to their houses, or what remains, to try to restart their lives. Here is a video of testimonies of the hurricane victims we have been able to help with your donations: Hurricanes Eta and Iota.
Pic: Serving the hurricane victims. God always provides and He has done so once again. God provided us with a contact, a pastor, that knows the affected communities that are the most in need. With his help, we have been able to share food, water filters, clothing, blankets, shoes, and HOPE. It fills us with great joy to share with you that the missionaries in our region of the country have joined together to collect and distribute these donations. God has provided through several means, whether fellow missionaries, NGO’s, or special offerings from you, our supporters, to share with literally hundreds of families that are passing through this difficult situation. As always, during each distribution, we share the gospel, because eternal hope is not from us, it is only from God. 
Pic: Feliz Navidad y Año Nuevo!!! We say farewell to 2020, praising God and thankful for you all. When you read our updates, pray for us, send us messages and emails of encouragement, and share your blessings with us, this allows us to serve God full-time. Please receive our big hug and a kiss from our little girl! FELIZ NAVIDAD Y PRÓSPERO AÑO NUEVO!!! 

Praise God:

For the beginning of the work on the demonstration farm! For the coffee harvest! Hopefully soon we will have more Resurrection Coffee!

For more open doors to share the gospel and join with the local church as we reach out to hurricane victims!

For the special offerings and donations for the hurricane victims! Seeing so many faces full of gratitude motivates us to keep serving!

Pray to God:

That He would touch the hearts of each person during the distributions. That many would recognize Him as their provider and that the Holy Spirit would convict hearts to turn to Him. That God would be glorified.

For another pickup truck. We have many dreams for this ministry and it all depends on God’s perfect time and perfect will. To begin working on the demonstration farm and cooperative we are seeing the need for another pickup truck. Specifically for hauling materials and crops. We are planning to buy a double cab 4×4 pickup. In Honduras these pickups do not lose their value as they are in high demand and easy to repair, so it will cost around $15,000. Please pray with us for God’s provision.

For Job’s health. This past month Job began to feel sharp pains in his side and back, just below his ribs. Thankfully there is a good hospital in town and he was able to get it checked out. Unfortunately he has some kidney stones that are causing these pains. He is planning to go to a more specialized doctor on Monday. Please pray for relief from the pain and any treatment that may be needed.

Coming Soon… Ministry Expansion!

Several of you have asked if we plan to live on the land we are purchasing, and the answer is yes! Currently there aren’t any buildings on the property, so our next step now is to raise funds for improvements. We are estimating to spend about $35,000 to repair fencing, install water storage tanks, and build a house. Please pray about this next big step with us and if God calls you to give towards the house, be sure to include a note with your donation to specify that it is designated for the “building project.”

Also, just a reminder that you can follow Job’s social media pages for more frequent updates. You can find him on facebook: Job David Gámez Abelar and on Instagram: @tpjgamez.

As always,

THANK YOU for praying with and for us!

THANK YOU for sharing your blessings with us!

THANK YOU for allowing us to serve God full-time in Honduras!

May God reward you GREATLY!!!

Love in Christ,

Job, Adria, & Elizabeth