March 2021 Update

Dear friends and family,

We hope you enjoyed a blessed Easter Sunday! As we continue to face challenges and difficulties as we live in this world, there is no greater joy than knowing that they cannot compare to the glorious return of Jesus! Easter Sunday is our annual reminder of the sacrifice God made for us and the celebration of Jesus’ resurrection. It is a joy to be able to join in worship to God and thank Him for conquering sin and death on our behalf!

Here are a few videos from this past month:

Would you like to ride in Honduras?

Check out the March Motorcycle Mission Trip video here: MMT

Would you like to know how Hondurans make their coffee?

Watch how Ercilia makes coffee in this video: Making Coffee

Would you like to know why thousands of Hondurans migrate to the USA?

Listen to a person’s daily life experience in this video: Why Migrate

Pic: Coffee harvest is done!
Resurrection Coffee continues to grow! The first harvest of the demonstration farm has finished. We thank God that we were able to provide work to 11 families during the harvest. The funds received from the sale of the coffee is now being used to repair the property fence, fertilize the coffee trees, and to plant the new coffee trees that will replace the older trees that no longer produce. We plan to make quite a high investment in the demonstration farm, including funds, time, and energy. But we believe this is what God has called us to do and that this will be yet another ministry that God uses to bring Hondurans both physical improvements as well as the eternal, saving knowledge of Jesus! Please be in prayer as we take many decisions this year concerning the demonstration farm. As we know from Luke chapter 12, “Everyone to whom much was given, of him much will be required, and from him to whom they entrusted much, they will demand the more.” God has blessed us with this physical property to bless Hondurans in a physical way. Even more so, God has blessed us with an eternal, saving knowledge of Jesus, so that we may also share this with Hondurans!

Pic: A water filter and hope!
Almost 4 months after the 2 back-to-back hurricanes, you can still see the damages done to both infrastructures and personal lives due to the extensive flooding on the north coast. A water filter is a simple tool, attached to a simple bucket, but with an extraordinary purpose! Thanks to the Sawyer water filter, hundreds of families now have access to clean drinking water. Seeing these people smile with great gratitude to have a water filter and all the health benefits that this brings them motivates us, and we hope that you can see your essential role in this work!

Pic: Well repair in rural communities.
Job continues to visit communities that lack access to water. Providing water for these communities is an excellent door to bring them the gospel. Each day invested at these communities to repair a well is a blessing. It is an opportunity to spend time with the people, develop relationships, and pray for them. More so, the local church is strengthened as the well repair work is organized through the local church of the community. In this community, El Resbaloso, 300 people or more will benefit from this new access to water! Glory to God for this great blessing!

Pic: A roof for the school in El Junco.
The community of El Junco has a school building that has not been maintained for several years. The roof is the most noticeable of the neglect. Holes in the roof of 2 feet or more are not allowing a proper education for the children in this community. The Matthew Loo Memorial Foundation and other friends from Canada have provided the funds to repair the school in El Junco. We are planning to build a new roof and make other repairs. Most of all, we hope that the kids, their teacher, as well as the parents come to understand that God loves them and that He wants to be their Lord and Savior! You can watch the video about the El Junco school here: El Junco school.


Pic: Ercilia’s new house.
In the year 2020, Ercilia lost both her house and her spouse. God is good and He has provided her a new house where she can continue to raise her grandchildren. Three months ago, Ercilia had a face full of sadness and grief. Now she has a new joy and happiness. God has used your faithful support along with 3 special donors for this project. Glory to God for this great blessing! Please continue to pray for Ercilia’s salvation. You can watch the video about Ercilia’s new house here: Ercilia.
Pic: Our reason, our why!
The water filter we use is simply a door, and Norma crossed it!
During every water filter distribution (and every other project God allows us to do) we share the gospel and pray for those who come forward to ask for personal prayer requests. Oftentimes people ask for prayer for relief from an illness. Miraculously, when we return to that area, there are often testimonies of people that have been healed by the Lord. This time, in La Roma, a young lady named Norma, along with her baby, came up to ask for healing for the baby’s sickness. Job prayed with them and then she asked to pray for her salvation! Praise the Lord for this new sister in Christ!!!
This is why the water filter is simply a door. In a world full of sin and desperation, a water filter will alleviate health and financial struggles. But most of all, people are knowing the Lord! Isaiah 55:11 tells us the word of God will never return empty. This is why we share the gospel in every single opportunity that God gives us.
Praise God for a new soul that has been saved and thank you so much for your prayers, encouragement and support! May the Lord reward you GREATLY!


Praise God:

  • For Job’s improving health! He was able to have the endoscopy done on March 9th and the doctor prescribed medicine for gastritis. So far, this different medicine is providing great relief!
  • For Norma’s salvation and profession of faith! For how God uses the water filters to touch the hearts of the people!
  • For the final coffee harvest of the season! For the 11 families that were able to work on this harvest! For the funds that the coffee sales have provided that are being used to repair the property fence!

Pray to God:

  • For the construction of 2 houses on the farm property. We are longing to move to the demonstration farm. The Honduran countryside is beautiful, however, it also has great risks. One of those is robbery while you are away from your home. In the Honduran countryside, it is a given that if you leave your house and no one is home, it WILL be broken into. This is why families here live together in the same house or have multiple homes on the same property, so that someone can always “hold down the fort.” For this reason, Job’s parents have decided to support us even more in the ministry and move to the property with us. Now, we are raising funds for not 1 house, but 2! We have chosen a builder for the houses and he is estimating each house will cost around $35,000. We currently have raised $13,000 so we still need to raise $57,000. Once again, looking at the numbers, our human minds are paralyzed. But we trust that God will provide in His perfect time and perfect way. He has done, He does, and He will continue to do great things, because in the end, this farm is to be used for His glory!
  • For a well full of water for the community of Las Colmenas. We continue to wait for the well driller. We are praying that by the end of April or beginning of May they will begin drilling.
  • That we continue to be instruments for the Lord in every aspect of our lives. That God would use us to show Himself to those that desire to make a decision to accept their Lord and Savior.

Building Fund

Please pray about this next big step with us and if God calls you to give towards the house builds, be sure to include a note with your donation to specify that it is designated for the “building project.”

Also, just a reminder that you can follow Job’s social media pages for more frequent updates. You can find him on facebook: Job David Gámez Abelar and on Instagram: @tpjgamez.

As always,

THANK YOU for praying with and for us!

THANK YOU for sharing your blessings with us!

THANK YOU for allowing us to serve God full-time in Honduras!

May God reward you GREATLY!!!

Love in Christ,

Job, Adria, & Elizabeth