November 2016 Update

Dear friends and family,

THANK YOU for keeping this ministry in your prayers. As we become more involved here the work grows larger every day and we appreciate your partnership with us, both financially and prayerfully!

The work in Puran, a very poor community, is growing each time we visit.  We originally started working with 8 families of the local church in Puran. Now 7 more families, who are not a part of the local church, are wanting to join. They’ve seen our genuine interest in the lives of the other families. In a country where so often a “helping” hand involves handouts from charities or handouts with political motives, it’s important for us to be upfront with people about why we’re here, to share the love and hope we have in Jesus. So now we are visiting 15 families who are all starting their own home gardens and almost half of those families are not believers. Pray that as we visit them each week and build trust to help them in physical ways, that they will learn to trust us as we lead them to the Truth.





Many of you who are in the loop on the coffee project are patiently awaiting a taste-testing sample of Resurrection Coffee. Well, I have some sad news and some good news. First, the sad news… the hand-roasted coffee we were planning to sell is no longer available. The group of women who used to hand-roast the coffee has disbanded and are no longer working together, nor hand-roasting the coffee, instead it is all roasted mechanically. The good news… we just recently learned of another coffee cooperative that sells quality coffee at affordable prices. We are still working out all the details, but we wanted to let all you coffee aficionados know, we haven’t forgotten about you!


The work is growing on the farm as well! We now have 11 lambs (including 2 pairs of twins) and are waiting for 2 more ewes to give birth. We also have 2 rabbits to start rabbit raising. We will use their manure for the vermicompost and sell the rabbits for meat. We are also starting a nursery of 500 cacao plants to supply the Colbath’s chocolate business, Chocolate De Veras.


This month I (Adria) took the opportunity to attend a 3-day retreat for missionary women in Honduras. And I am SO glad that I did! It was wonderful! Each year a team of ladies from the Women of Purpose (WOP) team in West Virginia travels down here to Honduras to host what has become Sisterhood Revive. I attended the retreat my first year in Honduras, in 2014, and I remember it being an important connecting place with other missionaries. This year I had a great time of refreshment visiting with other missionary gals there, through corporate worship, small groups, reflection exercises, teaching, testimonies, and crafts to spend some time relaxing. Before we left for home, we were all gifted the book, The Broken Way, by Ann Voskamp.


  • Pray for Niryan, one of the youth who recently accepted Christ during a youth group meeting. He has not been coming to youth group for the past few weeks. Please pray for his safety and for the Holy Spirit’s work in his life. Pray that he would continue coming to Saturday night group.
  • Pray for the work at Puran, that we could build trust with the people there.
  • Pray for God’s guidance and wisdom as Job and I develop the Colbath’s farm.


  • For 7 more families who are joining the gardening project at Puran.
  • For a time of revival, refreshment, and connections at the Revive retreat.
  • The blessing of celebrating Thanksgiving day with close missionary friends of ours in Siguatepeque.

THANK YOU for coming along side us, for praying for us and those we work with, for encouraging us, and for sacrificing financially to see this ministry continue. We love you and we pray for you daily!

Give praise to the Lord, proclaim his name;
make known among the nations what he has done.
1 Chronicles 16:8
Adria & Job