January 2017 Update

Dear friends and family,
We hope and pray that your new year is off to a good start! Ours has been a busy one, full of opportunities to share God’s love and His Word in people’s lives.
Earlier this month we held a workshop for the home garden families at Puran. The local church let us use their space and equipment so that it could be within walking distance for everyone. We are planning to have more of these in the future, as needed. On that day alone we had 7 new families ask for help to start their home gardens. We are also praying about asking the local elementary school if they would be interested in having a school garden. We are hoping that could open a door for us to give gardening classes there, as well as share what the Bible has to say about planting and harvesting.
Pic: Paola with her beets. Several families have already harvested their first produce, including cucumbers, onions, carrots, beets, radishes, and cilantro.
Job has a way of making people laugh. 🙂 Unfortunately, Paola is like many grandmothers here in Honduras, taking care of her grandkids and great-grandkids. Many times young parents leave their kids with the grandparents, and leave to go work and send money back home to care for the kids. Sadly, they seldom will send the money or even return to visit their kids, leaving the grandparents to feed their hungry, forgotten kids.
Although some families don’t have much space for their garden, they are learning how to make use of the space that they do have.
Pic: Elba, showing off her tomato plants. I had to congratulate Elba as she is one of the first of the families to have tomatoes setting fruit. She was listening to our advice at the workshop and gave her tomato plants enough space to keep them from getting too crowded.
While visiting Elba I can’t help but take time to smell her roses. The last time we were there Elba broke out in tears as she shared with us how God used flowers as a type of therapy in her life when she was healing from a brain hemorrhage. She believes her stroke was a result of an enormous amount of stress she faced when she and her husband went into debt paying doctors to diagnose a health issue her mom was dealing with (which turned out to be chagas disease). She said the brain hemorrhage left her brain “disconnected” and all she could do was take care of her flowers. She couldn’t recognize people or even talk to her family and friends. Eventually though, she said just simply talking to her flowers and taking care of them she was able to heal and now just suffers from memory loss.
Herminia, a Christian and a member of the local church at Puran, has been involved in the gardening project since we first began working in Puran. However, she doesn’t have much space to work with at her house. Thankfully, a neighbor nearby who is also a believer and part of the gardening project offered to let Herminia use space on their property to grow a garden. During our last visit there she shared with us that her husband is not a believer. We were able to encourage Herminia with 1 Corinthians 7:16, that God may use her life as a testimony to bring her husband to his Savior.
Pic: A young one, using a machete to cut up firewood. It always catches my attention the tools I see in the hands of children here. We joined with other church members one day and helped pour a concrete floor for a family.
(sorry about the fuzzy pic) The first step was to move the beds to one corner of the 2-room house to make space. The chickens had the luxury of staying in their tubs to finish laying their eggs.
Then the men began leveling the floor with this big iron tool that I could hardly lift.
Several piles of cement were mixed up.
Then an assembly line was made to pass it down.
Finally it was poured out, bucket by bucket, and finished with a trowel.
Why do many service projects here prioritize concrete floors? Mainly for health concerns. In houses with dirt floors, the kids (especially babies), suffer from many illnesses they pick up while playing and crawling on the floor. Also, there are several insects, such as the blood-sucking bug which transmits Chagas disease, that prefer to inhabit adobe houses. Concrete floors play a large role in the cleanliness of the house and the overall health of the family.
Pic: Visiting the caves in Taulabé with Bekah. Thank you to those who prayed for Bekah’s visit to Honduras. She had a good learning experience and even wants to return someday! You can read about her time here on her blog: The Narrow Road.
Job has begun working alongside another missionary (Dave) for Water Ambassadors Canada (WAC). Job is using his connections in southern Honduras, which has a very hot, dry climate, to help prepare for WAC short-term mission teams that come to repair wells. The next team is planning to come in April.
  • The interest and determination we are seeing at Puran from the families involved in the home gardening project!
  • Bekah’s positive experience while here in Honduras!
  • Several opportunities to share God’s Word in conversations this month!
  • The freedom God has given us through His grace and truth!
  • Pray for the families at Puran, as they each struggle with their own battles. 
  • Please pray with us as we search for another vehicle. We have decided that living a ways from town, along with our varied activities each week, demands that we have 2 vehicles on hand. 
  • Pray for Job’s health, as he deals with a heart condition (chronic pericarditis) as well as an autoimmune disorder (vitiligo). 
  • Pray for Job and Dave as they make a trip to Nicaragua, February 21st-23rd, to pick up the supplies (pipes and pumps) for the well repair mission project. Pray for a safe and successful trip, especially as they pass the equipment through customs.
Thank you for your continual prayers, encouragement, and gifts. Your generous support inspires our hearts as we follow Jesus together!
John 1:14
The Word became flesh and made his dwelling among us. We have seen his glory, the glory of the one and only Son, who came from the Father, full of grace and truth.
Love to you all,
Adria & Job