February 2017 Update

Dear friends and family,

We continue to have lots to do and lots to pray about! Read our following update for more details!

Thank you for praying for Job and Dave’s trip to Nicaragua! It was a success as they brought all the needed equipment (tubing and pumps) for the WAC well repair project. The STM team will be coming the first week of April. After serving here for 10 years, Dave and his family are leaving Honduras in May, so he is training Job to take his place in leading these well repair mission teams from Canada.
Thought our supporters in Beatrice would appreciate this photo. While Job and Dave were in Nicaragua picking up the equipment, Job saw this water pump piece made by Dempster Industries in Beatrice, NE.
The local church where we serve, Iglesia Evangélica Centroamericana Eben-Ezer, has several different ministries that use social projects. One of these ministries is called “Cultivadores del Reino” or “Kingdom Growers” in English. This ministry works with small-scale coffee farmers that live in the Siguatepeque area to train them in efficient production while building relationships with them and presenting the gospel. Earlier this year Job was asked to serve in this ministry and is now serving as the president of the “junta de vigilancia.” Basically it is a board of members that serves as a team of accountability, to make sure each activity and commitment within the ministry is faithfully fulfilled. Job is also involved in trainings offered by the ministry as well as transportation of the crop to the processor, as some coffee producers do not have a vehicle to transport their harvest to the purchaser.
Here at the Colbath’s, the last ewe to give birth finally had her lamb, and surprised us all with an Oreo! The Colbath’s have decided to go ahead and invest in better fencing, for both the sheep and the cows, so that project has taken priority over the tree nursery this month.
Janeth – using what she has to make a fence around her small garden
Before starting the tire gardens, we assumed old tires could be found free at tire shops. To our surprise, after visiting several shops in the area, we discovered old, used tires are not free! We pay the equivalent of about 21 cents per tire.
Sara – a new gardener, using what little space she has to get started
Tania – also has VERY little space to work with, but wants to see what she can do with it
The terrain of the area is steep and full of boulders and rocky, clay soil.
Some of the ladies (like Doris here) don’t spend as much time watering and taking care of their gardens as others.
Others, like Elba, are more committed and are reaping the rewards of the hard work they have sown. Job is convinced Elba will claim the prize for the largest beets we’ve seen yet from the gardens. We will be using lessons from the garden like this for future workshops and other teaching and sharing events we have at Puran. The lesson from this will be “you reap what you sow,” and this not only applies to vegetable gardens, but also to the seeds we sow into God’s work. The gardens are providing lots of teaching points for the Christian life!
Oansa (Awana) started back last Saturday, the 25th. We had 85 kids come on the first day and so far there’s about 20 leaders and helpers. Job is serving as the Club Chispas (sparks club) director and I’m serving as the program secretary.
This fella wouldn’t remove himself from our washing machine. I’m just glad he didn’t die in the wash like the guy before him. 😦 Note to all frogs: Don’t hide inside washing machines!! Dead frogs aren’t pretty.


  • Job and Dave returned from Nicaragua with the well repair equipment needed in April!
  • The ministry at Puran continues to grow as families share about their gardens with their neighbors!
  • For the 85 kids and youth that came to the first Oansa session!
  • For our growing involvement and collaboration with other ministries!


  • Please continue to pray for our vehicle search. We have looked at a few trucks and are now trying to decide which one would be best for our ministry. Pray for God’s guidance so we can make a purchase soon!
  • Pray for the seeds we plant during our conversations as we visit with the families in Puran each week.
  • Pray for more leaders and helpers to join in the Oansa ministry.

Thank you for praying with us, for giving your resources to this ministry, and for supporting us through your email notes. We love you all and are praying for you!

Adria & Job