March 2017 Update

Dear friends and family,

Thank you for joining us in prayer this past month. We thank God for listening to our pleas and continue to praise Him through both the joys and the trials. Read on to see how He has been working in and through us.

Pic: Dave and Melvin (Job’s friend) checking wells to fix around Comayagua. This month Job has been using his contacts to help Dave survey several communities, searching for the wells that need to be repaired. The government does not have any database to save the locations of these public wells, so even this step is left up to WAC (Water Ambassadors Canada). For now, the short-term team from Canada that was planning to come this month is postponing their trip. There were just 2 planning to come and 1 of them has a serious infection. Please pray that his infection would be fully healed soon, so that they can reschedule the trip.
Pic: At Puran, Eva gifts us “flor de izote,” a type of flower used in cooking. Many people here sauté this with onions and mix it into scrambled eggs. So far, the flowers that I’ve tried in food here I don’t really like. But I’ll still give this a try. The pickup you see behind them is a huge answer to our prayers. So thank you for praying with us! We’ve been praying for a second vehicle and on a very unsuspecting day, we found it! It’s a 99 Nissan, double cab, diesel, 4×4, just the type of vehicle we were searching for. Thank you to all of you who faithfully support our ministry with finances month after month. God is using your willingness to, quite literally, move this ministry forward!
As we make our rounds visiting the families in Puran, Job just can’t resist the opportunity to join in the street soccer games. If you know Job, he has a way with kids and youth. He can grab their attention, hold their attention, and catch them off guard with his actions and words. Pray that God would use our actions and words in Puran to shine His brilliant light through the darkness there. Whether it be drug/alcohol addictions, abuse, neglect, bitterness, hatred, deception, pain, anxiety, or laziness. Pray that God’s truth be made known and bring all hearts to Him.
Pic: Holding Maria’s newborn boy, David. As time goes by, week after week, we’ve had the privilege of becoming a part of these families’ lives. We attended the wedding of Mirian and now here I am holding María’s baby boy. We’ve been encouraged by testimonies and long to hear the testimonies of those who have yet to come to their Savior. I have so much to say here. But I’ll share more in-depth next month. Just please be praying for patience as we visit many families who are not yet followers of Jesus.
Oansa (Awana) is off and running, with still more kids and more leaders joining. We’ve had a couple more leaders join but are still needing a few more, as the small groups are larger than they should be and it can be a bit overwhelming for the leader. I love the Bible teaching in Oansa and hope that the leaders would not lose focus and get lost amongst the paperwork for each kid as they memorize verses and accomplish the lesson challenges of their workbooks. Please keep praying about this, that more leaders would join to divide the kids up into smaller groups.
The youth group is also gaining momentum and this month they enjoyed a retreat and several water games at a water park in Otoro. Please join us in praying for these teens as they learn how deeply God loves them and grow to know Him more through this stage of their lives.
The finale, a bumpy slide into the river… just in case you hadn’t yet been completely soaked.
We are planning another gardening workshop for May. We will focus on reviewing basic gardening tips, teaching the new families, rewarding those who are excelling in their gardens, as well as showing what the Bible has to say about planting, watering, and harvesting. These workshops take time, energy, and money! If you would like to support our ministry and be a part of sowing and watering here in Honduras, visit our support page.


  • For the pickup God has provided us to keep moving this ministry forward!
  • For more families that are joining the home gardens project in Puran and 2 other surrounding communities, Villa Cruz Grande and Bajos de Puran!
  • For the protection of some ministry partners of ours, Mark and Paula Colbath, during a recent auto accident!


  • Please continue to pray for more leaders and helpers to join in the Oansa (Awana) ministry.
  • Pray for Paula, one of the grandmothers at Puran, as she battles lung problems due to cooking over a wood-burning stove her entire life.
  • Pray for Job as he helps a retired missionary couple sell their house here in Honduras, so they can purchase a house in the U.S.