July 2017 Update

Dear friends and family,

THANK YOU for blessing our lives through your encouragement and prayers! Please take time to check out this past month’s review, in pictures . . .

Pic: At Puran, Isaac gives Job a back massage with his school buses. The work at Puran continues to grow! We are visiting 36 families each week and several families are producing better quality vegetables and in greater quantity. The rains we’ve been getting have definitely helped lighten the work load, especially for those that have to take a 2-mile hike to bring water to their gardens.
Pic: Adria, translating for craft time at VBS. July 9-15 a short-term team from Houston, TX came to serve alongside our church family. This group of 40 people divided up into 4 teams: medical work, construction, evangelism, and VBS. Job and I helped mainly with the transportation and translating.
Pic: Snakes for sale at the market in Siguatepeque. Sunday afternoon I was just planning to make a quick stop at the farmer’s market to pick up some popcorn. It became quite an event after I spotted a man selling dried snakes. Apparently, some believe they are useful for curing certain skin conditions.
Pic: Job, representing Chocolate de Veras at the “Festival de Aroma a CafĂ© y Cacao.” This month Job headed to Tegucigalpa to promote Chocolate de Veras at the national “Festival of Coffee and Chocolate Aroma” which was well attended by people from all over Honduras; owners of restaurant chains, hotel owners, shops, students and the general public. Mark had asked Job, along with Arnold (one of the teenagers at the children’s home who is involved in the chocolate bar production), to set up a booth to promote Chocolate de Veras. The festival was a great advertising opportunity and a chance to meet people who may be interested in marketing the chocolate in other parts of the country. Fortunately, several people have shown interest, and there is much conversation that will hopefully lead us to establish a mutual benefit contract in the buying and selling of Chocolate de Veras. We need to have a higher sales volume in order to provide enough profit to help support the children’s home.
Pic: Adria, giving a missions presentation to the youth at Oansa. If you’re familiar with Awana, you know the workbooks include lessons about missions. So for the group time I was asked to tell about how God called me to do missions work and talk about what missionaries do. I thought it was a great opportunity for the kids to see how God can use any part of His creation, even agriculture, to call us to serve Him in our occupations. I encouraged them to use their God-given passions however He leads.
It truly was “Christmas in July” for these kids as Coni (Job’s mom), myself, and several other women from church delivered Samaritan’s Purse shoeboxes at a small, public school. Before receiving their gifts, they (surprisingly) sat quiet and still to listen to Coni give the gospel message, explaining that the most important gift we can ever receive is from God, and the most important decision we will ever make is whether we will reject it or receive it.
Our tag line from 1 Corinthians 3 now has a whole new meaning for us… We are expecting! Surprise!! We’ve seen this past year how God makes vegetables grow, He’s made our ministry grow, and now we get to watch as He makes our family grow! Our parents and siblings are very happy and excited for us as we transition into this thing called parenthood. The baby is due to arrive January 31st.


Join us!

We are currently short of our budget by $200 per month. One of our long-time supporting churches is struggling financially and is not able to support us for the time being. However, with our growing ministry and growing family our budget continues to grow! We are praying for 8 individuals or families that would be able to supply $25/month to help provide for monthly expenses.



  • John Colbath continues to improve after his spine surgery! He hasn’t yet begun physical therapy, but if his improvement continues it is very likely he will be returning to the university this coming semester!
  • If you remember from March, a retired missionary couple asked Job for help in selling their house here in Honduras, so they can purchase a house in the U.S. Praise God with us, it finally sold this month!
  • Several hearts were touched through the work done by the team from Houston and testimonies were shared of those who accepted their Savior and others who re-committed their lives to Him!



  • Please keep our little one’s growth in your prayers. Also, pray for God’s guidance as we choose a doctor for prenatal care and delivery.
  • One of our good friends from Oklahoma, Karen Salmon, will be visiting us August 3-11. Please keep her travels and visit here in your prayers.
  • Continue to pray for our conversations at Puran, that God would use us to proclaim His truth, especially concerning assurance of salvation.


Love to you all,

Adria & Job