August 2017 Update

Dear friends and family,

In 1 Thessalonians 1, Paul writes to the church of the Thessalonians: “We give thanks to God always for all of you, constantly mentioning you in our prayers…”

Well, we want YOU to know, we give thanks to God for you all, constantly mentioning you in our prayers. We thank God for your willingness to be a part of this ministry and that’s why we say “thank you” with our emails and updates each month, to remind you of our thankfulness.

As you read about this past month, may you see how God is speaking through your encouragement, working through your prayers, and using your financial gifts to glorify Him!

Pic: Harvesting carrots at Sara’s house in Puran. Several of the families that have been gardening with us since last year are gaining experience and sharing their successes with others. Many that started small are expanding the space they’ve dedicated for their garden after seeing the fruit of their labor. With the large number of families involved we have begun visiting each family every other week. Please pray for fruit from our labor!
Pic: 700 mahogany trees in the nursery, with Mombasa grass in the background. Thank you for praying for our work at the Colbath farm! We’ve made a lot of progress in tree-planting these past couple months. Currently we’ve planted 200 cedar, 150 acacia, and 100 mahogany, with 700 more mahogany currently growing in the nursery. In total, we are planning to plant 1,500 trees. Every 7 years a harvest will be taken, until a final crop of 200 mature mahogany trees (at around 20 years) are left for the last harvest. At that point, each tree will be valued at about $1,000 each. Also, currently the Colbath’s have 2 cows, which were wild to begin with, constantly breaking through fences and creating more work. For now, while the trees are young we are keeping the cows in a stable, taming them down, and feeding them grass from a section we planted to Mombasa grass. This particular variety is well known among beef farmers in Brazil and many farmers here are beginning to plant it as well. It’s a high protein variety that grows quickly, has fast regrowth, and has good drought resistance. Along with the cows we are also raising 1 hog and 23 sheep. Each year the children’s home consumes 1 cow, 2 hogs, and several lambs.
Pic: At Pulhapanzak Waterfall with Karen. Thank you for praying for our friend Karen’s travels and visit here! All went well and we had a great time of fellowship after not having seen each other for over 2 years!! Being a teacher, she had the opportunity to serve an afternoon with the Cobath’s tutoring ministry for rural grade school kids. She also helped us out with various tasks in our ministry here at the farm and in Puran.
Pic: Youth Group JASS Concert in Siguatepeque. This month the youth group was invited to a concert held here in Siguatepeque by a group called JASS (Active Youth Serving the Lord). The concert united all the youth groups from churches that belong to the Association of Evangelical Churches of Central America, the Central American denomination that our church belongs to. In total, around 400 youth from Siguatepeque and nearby communities attended the concert. JASS encouraged the youth to live in unity, serving the Lord. The group from our church was left encouraged to get involved in serving God through the outreach ministries that the church offers to the public.
Pic: This month I celebrated my 29th birthday! Living so far from my family definitely isn’t easy by any means. I deeply miss getting together with family. Thankfully, the majority of Job’s close relatives live in Siguatepeque, which makes celebrations like this so much more fun! I’ve been blessed becoming a part of his family and I don’t take it for granted!

Join us!

THANK YOU to our 3 new monthly supporters! One of our long-time supporting churches is struggling financially and is not able to support us for the time being. However, with our growing ministry and growing family, our budget continues to grow! We are short of our budget by $125 per month. We are praying for 5 more individuals or families that would be able to supply $25/month to help provide for monthly expenses.


  • Praise God for the crops being harvested at Puran! Continue to pray for the spiritual harvest there!
  • Praise God for all of Karen’s safe travels and her encouraging visit here!
  • Praise God that so many youth gathered together at the JASS concert and were encouraged to use their lives to serve their Savior!


  • Please pray for healing of Job’s hand. A couple weeks ago, early on a Sunday morning while he was cutting grass for the cows, he cut his hand with the machete and took quite a chunk of skin off. Thankfully it was not deep enough to hit a vein. Also, thankfully it hasn’t gotten infected and is slowly healing. Pray for complete healing and regeneration.
  • Continue to pray for the healthy growth of our baby. We’re hoping to find out the gender next month!
  • Pray for a healthy establishment of the hardwood trees at the Colbath farm. With good establishment and maintenance, these trees will provide an abundance of funds for the children’s home, especially for the kids who have special needs.

With much thanks and love,

Adria & Job