September 2017 Update

Dear friends and family,

Thank you for interceding on behalf of this ministry! We appreciate how you care and have been a part of our lives and the lives of those we meet. Please read on to see what’s been keeping us busy this past month.

Pic: Orfa, showing her most recent harvest. We are so thankful for the increase in production that our friends in Puran have had. In the same way, our relationships with them have grown in great ways and now we are getting a better understanding of their beliefs. Unfortunately, the majority seem to be immersed in the prosperity gospel. Our greatest desire now is to confront this doctrine with the light of God’s Word. This month Job will be visiting the homes and having Bible studies to bring a Christ-centered doctrine to our friends in Puran. Job continues to share the gospel there to those who don’t profess any relationship with Jesus.
Pic: The kids at Puran enjoy watching the gardens grow!
Pic: 2017 Awana Camp. Over this past year the Awana ministry has grown exponentially. This month the camp held at the seminary campus was a great example of that. Over 130 kids participated during the 2 days and 1 night. The camp included various outdoor games, but most of all, was filled with the Word of God. Also, several parents heard God’s Word as they came to visit their kids at camp. We have planted the seed and we are expecting God to make it grow!
Pic: A water game at Awana camp. The kids have to fill the cup of the person behind them and see which line can fill up a bucket first!
Pic: This week Job had the opportunity to promote Chocolate de Veras at another venue in Tegucigalpa. Various representatives of forestry authorities from all across Latin America were attending a conference to commit to strategies in fighting the effects of climate change. Several businesses were invited to take the opportunity to sell products made in Honduras. Also, our work establishing the farm at the Colbath’s continues to advance. The 700 mahogany trees in the nursery should be ready to plant in about 2 months. As we work with the animals the cows are being tamed down, the pigs are fattening up, and the sheep have been dewormed and given vitamins. We can see how God has been helping us so that each and every element at the farm serves its purpose.
Pic: The Central American church denomination celebrating National “Day of the Bible” with a joint service at the seminary. In Honduras, we are privileged to serve in a country that celebrates the Word of God! The 4th Sunday of September was set apart by the government of Honduras many years ago to honor and thank the Lord for His Word. This day is a reminder of how grateful we should be to have access to the Bible, especially when there are so many countries and cultures around the world who do not.
Thank you for praying for us as we prepare for parenthood. This upcoming life transition becomes more “real” in our minds with each month that passes. Our latest Dr. visit revealed… we’re having a GIRL!

Join us!

One of our long-time supporting churches is struggling financially and is not able to support us for the time being. However, with our growing ministry and growing family, our budget continues to grow! We are currently short of our budget by $125 per month. We are praying for 5 more individuals or families that would be able to supply $25/month to help provide for monthly expenses.


  • Praise God for a wonderful, Word-filled weekend at the Awana Camp! If you’ve been praying for our shortage of Awana leaders, thank you! The problem was solved as several teens from youth group have stepped up to lead the small groups of the younger kids.
  • Praise God for the healing of Job’s hand!
  • Praise God for His written Word! Thank Him for giving us this light for our paths!


  • Please pray for Job’s conversations at Puran as he confronts the prosperity gospel with God’s Word.
  • Continue to pray for a healthy pregnancy. After Adria had a battle with food poisoning we both suffered a nasty head cold this month.
  • Pray for the contacts Job has made over the past few months for Chocolate de Veras. Pray that these would help the business to flourish in providing jobs and income for the Colbath’s children’s home.
  • Pray for Job’s work in Kingdom Growers, the business as ministry organization that helps market the coffee of small and medium coffee growers. Currently, Job is serving as head of the auditing body for the organization, which reviews all of the accounting, technical and ministerial activities. After doing some internal auditing, they have found several different aspects that need to be improved for an upright and transparent operation of the business as a ministry. We ask your prayers for Job, that as the leader of the auditing body, he can set an example and together they can make the necessary recommendations for the business to avoid fines and surcharges due to administration errors.

God’s blessings to you all,

Adria & Job