October 2017 Update

Dear friends and family,

Thank you for encouraging us to continue serving through your emails, prayers, and giving. We’ve had quite a diverse range of work going on this month! LOTS to pray about!

The families growing gardens in Puran are progressing! This month we held our 3rd workshop there to motivate the gardeners to continue improving their production. Job also gave a message and urged those who had not placed their faith in Christ to respond to His call. The example of Pontius Pilate shows us that outwardly we can wash our hands, but we know that if we aren’t with Him that means we’re against Him. If we don’t take a decision for Jesus in our lives, we are really taking the decision to be against Him. The seed has been planted in over 30 homes represented during our visits to Puran. We continue to be patient, waiting for God to make it grow. Each time we visit Puran, Villa Cruz Grande, and Bajos de Puran it’s difficult to ignore the physical needs that the people there have. With so much physical and economic need many may not be conscious of their spiritual need. For us, it is difficult to understand the rejection towards God that people have. At least half of those we visit belong to a church that promotes the prosperity gospel. The other half doesn’t profess any sort of faith. We ask you to pray for these families. We long for them to know the Jesus that we know and that they experience the same conviction to be saved by His grace, as we ourselves have been saved.
This month in the AWANA ministry a regional leadership conference was held here in Siguatepeque. This was a great motivation for all the leaders and helpers. Teaching was given and challenges made to keep discipling kids for Christ!
The last Saturday of every month the youth group gathers at a small soccer arena to enjoy playing their favorite sport. We always have a devotion from one of the leaders first and this month Job felt led to give a message on Daniel. He pointed out Daniel’s solid faith and leadership to others as he stood for His God, all whilst living within this broken world. A great example for all of us as we learn how to walk with God and resist temptations, to not be contaminated by the world we live in.
They’re growing!!! This Spanish cedar, one of the 100’s of trees planted on the Colbath’s farm, has shown an incredible development of 4 feet in just the past 5 months since planting! The wood from this tree is prized for its natural resistance to rot and termites, both very important qualities in the humid tropics! Not all the trees have this same rapid development, but thankfully until now all the trees are growing well.
Pic: Wounded ram after dogs attacked. Unfortunately we have some sad news to share. In the early morning hours this past Sunday the sheep flock suffered an attack from the neighbors’ dogs. Six sheep died after being attacked by 4 dogs. Job has talked with the neighbor to see how he could pay for the loss, which is equivalent to $500. Unfortunately, until now we still have not received the promised payment.
The regional team for the Samaritan’s Purse program “Operation Christmas Child” invited Job to a training workshop on evangelism and discipleship for kids. This will be a great tool for our ministries in AWANA and Youth Group as well.
Just recently Job has joined the missions committee at our local church and this month helped with the planning and logistics of a special “Missions Day.” With the purpose of encouraging the local church to support both local and international missions work, the team planned a morning full of prayer for missionaries, information on how one can become involved in the missions ministry and donating finances to support the missions from our network of Central American churches.
Last week a friend of Job who works with Living Water International (LWI) asked him to meet with a short-term group that had come to plan well repair work in our region. Job helped them locate several wells that need repair within the area where they can travel. At the end of their day together the LWI trainer invited Job to a well pump repair training to be held next week, November 7-11 at their home base in Texas. Job is very excited for this training as it will provide much needed technical knowledge for his future volunteer work with both Water Ambassadors Canada and Living Water International.

Join us!

Great news! The remaining $125/month has been pledged! THANK YOU to all those who have pledged monthly support and faithfully give each month! We believe that your willingness to support our ministry is just one way God works through His people. Know that we appreciate your part very much!!

What we didn’t know is… we are still in need of monthly support. This past month we’ve been searching for a house to rent that will accommodate our growing family. Unfortunately, we did not plan our housing budget well, and after over a month of rental house searching, the house we’ve finally decided to rent costs $175 over what we had originally budgeted for housing. This is causing a HUGE drawback to the funds we have available for ministry work! Please be praying about this with us and consider if God wants you to support this ministry. We are praying for 7 supporters that could each provide $25/month. We long to serve long-term here in Honduras, and we believe God may be calling you to be a part of that! For giving information please visit our support page: https://godmakesitgrow.wordpress.com/support/


  • Praise God we learned this month that the chest pain that Job has been experiencing the past couple years is not pericarditis! He had been seeing a cardiologist who, after much testing, diagnosed the pain as acute pericarditis. After learning from a couple friends at church that doctor is not recommended, we visited a different cardiologist to get a second opinion. This doctor, also after much testing, said Job’s heart is perfectly healthy and that the pain is more than likely just muscle pains in the chest. Please pray for Job’s full recovery!
  • Praise God for providing a house to rent! Pray for protection and wisdom in how we should increase the security of the house. We will probably need to install an alarm and find a large guard dog.
  • Praise God for providing the well repair training that we believe will allow Job to serve even more in the water project ministries! Pray for his time at the training in Texas next week, Nov 7-11.


  • Please pray for the seeds we’re planting at Puran. Pray for the planting, watering, and especially for the harvesting.
  • Continue to pray for a healthy, uncomplicated pregnancy.
  • Pray with us for a youth pastor for our local youth group. The current youth pastor, who has served there for around 15 years, is leaving to serve as lead pastor at another church, beginning in January.

God bless,

Adria & Job