January 2018 Update

Dear friends and family,

January brought us both joys and challenges. Please read on to see how God is at work through it ALL!

(Pic: The Colbath’s farm has received 4 twins!) After the neighbor’s dogs had killed 7 sheep, the following season of lambing has allowed us to return to where we started. However, there are still dogs that come over from the neighbor’s that threaten the lives of our sheep. The sheep are the head “lawnmowers” of the Colbath’s property and provide meat for their children’s home.
(Pic: VBS at our local church.) Every January, during the school year break, our local church holds a VBS program to reach out to the community. This year God allowed us to support this ministry that discipled over 100 kids, from 2 years up to 18 years old. Several parents that came with their kids were also taught God’s word. The seed has been planted in their hearts.
(Pic: Awana directors meeting – from left to right: Angel and his wife Elizabeth are the general program directors, Rosibel will direct the “Torches” club, Suyapa will direct the “Little Bears” club, Job will direct the “Flames” club, Yensi will direct the “Sparks” club, and Blanca will help direct the “Little Bears” club. Adria will serve as the program treasurer.) This month we’ve begun planning out the activities for this year’s Awana program. Without a doubt, our desire is to work for the Lord and that the kids that came to VBS can continue their spiritual growth in Awana. This Saturday the entire group of volunteer Awana leaders will be meeting for a training session.
(Pic: Mirna and her family harvesting beans.) So many people at Puran have commented that the gardening project has activated them to do more with their land. Mirna is one of those involved in the gardening project and now she is also using their small plot of land to grow beans. Three months later, together with her family they are harvesting the fruit of their work.
(Pic: This month we received a visit from representatives of 2 different organizations: Kids Around the World and TerraMica.) Through one of Job’s friends, they heard about our work in Puran and wanted to learn about the work of the local church there and the gardening project. At the end of the meeting they asked for information about the needs of each project in order to improve each one. We prayed together as we said our goodbyes, trusting that God will work through our collaboration.
(Pic 6: God heals Miguelito.) Jannet is one of the garden producers in Puran. During one of Job’s visits she showed how her son Miguelito was bleeding from his ears. Jannet also commented that the doctors had seen Miguelito and the medicines they had recommended had not cured the problem after 2 weeks of treatment. During that visit Job prayed for Miguelito’s healing. During the following week’s garden visits Job returned for a visit… Jannet, with much joy, declared that Miguelito had stopped bleeding the following morning after they had prayed!

An Update on the Political Situation

The President-elect (after illegally being reelected) officially took up office on January 27th. Many protests, both peaceful and violent, were carried out the entire week leading up to Inauguration Day. As of now, the unrest has, for the most part, settled down. However, more scandals of corruption have come to light as more than 100 members of congress are being investigated for appropriating public funds that were originally destined for social projects of non-profit organizations.

Praise God:

  • For the testimony from God’s healing of Miguelito!
  • For the individual discipleships that Job is developing with 6 young men! Four of these are already Christians. The other two do not profess any faith and are struggling with drug and alcohol addictions.
  • For the opportunity to continue ministering in Honduras!

Pray to God:

  • For a natural labor without complications and for a healthy baby.
  • For spiritual, moral, and economic support for the challenges that we face in each ministry this year.
  • For more financial support to cover Job’s studies in the Bible seminary. In February, Job will begin studying at the Bible seminary to become better prepared to lead discipleship groups and give teachings. The cost is about $300 per month. Please pray about supporting this essential training for effective ministry!

With much love and thanks,

Job & Adria