Feb-March 2018 Update

Dear friends and family,

It has been awhile since our last update and since then we have become parents! It’s been quite an eye & mind-opening life change. God blessed us with a healthy baby girl and we appreciate your prayers for our continued transition as a family. Read on to see a bit more of what’s kept us busy these past couple months!

Pic: Felix, beginning his garden at Puran. Felix worked for over 12 years in an egg layer farm. Due to long-term exposure of chemicals used at the farm, he contracted an infection from an invasive bacteria that required surgery and during that time he was let go. Now he has begun farming and growing vegetables. We have been supporting him as he begins this work. Currently he is selling his vegetables to a nearby restaurant and this has been generating some income to support his family. We are praying for his salvation as the head of his home.
Pic: Awana kids receiving Samaritan’s Purse shoe boxes. For those of you that have filled shoe boxes for Samaritan’s Purse, some of those may have come to Honduras! Job is serving as a volunteer for Samaritan’s Purse, which is working to mobilize the evangelization and discipleship of more than 20,000 kids in our region of Comayagua. Awana started up again in February, along with the new school year here, and we are now using some of the teaching material from Samaritan’s Purse along with the Awana workbooks. This year our numbers doubled and we are serving over 200 kids that come each week! A couple weeks ago Samaritan’s Purse supplied shoe boxes for every Awana kid.
Pic: Praying with Carlos Alvarado. What surprised us was the decision to accept Jesus, not made by an Awana kid there, but rather a father of one of the kids! With tears in his eyes, Carlos Alvarado accepted Jesus as his Lord and Savior and Job is meeting with him each week for discipleship and Bible study. He is currently separated from his wife and kids and has struggled with both alcoholism and drug addiction. Now he is feeling the joy of being a new creature and for us it is a great joy to see him grow in God. Job feels fortunate to be able to disciple this new brother in Christ.
Pic: Job at SEBCAH (Seminario BĂ­blico Centroamericano de Honduras) Since arriving to Honduras, we have been involved in 2 main branches of work to expand God’s Kingdom: social project ministries and Bible study ministries. Lately we have seen God’s hand greatly increasing our opportunities for Bible study ministries and currently Job is discipling 6 individuals. Because of this, Job has felt the call for a more formal preparation to do these discipleship ministries and in February he began studying at SEBCAH, the same seminary where Adria served with Camino Global her first year in Honduras back in 2014!
The most exciting event during these past couple months was the arrival of our little valentine, Elizabeth May! She was born February 13th at 2:39pm, weighing 8 lbs and was 53 cm long. Just 4 years earlier, on Feb 13th, 2014 Adria landed in Honduras for her first year of service here!

Praise God:

  • For Carlos Alvarado’s salvation! Continue to pray for his new life with Christ!
  • For the preparation that God is doing in our lives to become better servants!
  • For a healthy baby girl!

Pray to God:

  • For the spiritual growth of the 6 individuals Job is discipling.
  • As more individual discipleship opportunities come along, we are feeling led to become better stewards of our time and resources and make those a larger part of our ministry. Pray for God’s direction as we make decisions in these next few months on which ministries we may need to let go so that we can focus on what God is calling us to do here, to make disciples.
  • For our continued transition into parenthood, that we would grow and become the parents God calls us to be.


Job & Adria