April 2018 Update

Dear friends and family,

Sorry this update is a bit late! I (Adria) have been battling some health issues, but I am beginning to feel on the mend now. Please read on to see what has filled our past month!

Pic: Water for Puran. March and April are the driest and hottest months of the year in Honduras. The people that live in Puran receive just 200 liters of non-potable water per week. So to help those in the gardening project, we brought them 1,000 liters of water. At each opportunity such as this, we share the gospel while demonstrating real actions that show them God’s love for them.


Pic: Colbath’s sheep flock. At the Colbath’s farm we have been taking action to prevent the plantation trees from dying, as well as the sheep and cows. Fortunately we have begun to receive the beginning rains of spring and we are so grateful that the pasture grass is being revived!
Pic: Helping Mission on the Move. Another children’s home ministry, Mission on the Move, has a large piece of property and they have asked for our technical help in order to take better advantage of the land, as well as to become an example for their community in different ways of cultivating. The plan is to restore the orange orchard as well as establish in the future an orchard of lychee fruit to sell in the local market.
Pic: Elizabeth’s dedication. This month we presented Elizabeth May before the church and dedicated her upbringing to God’s path for her life. We are so glad that Job’s dad, Francisco, was able to lead the prayer for the dedication. Elizabeth is already over 2 months old and we glorify God for her good health!

Praise the Lord:

  • For the health of Elizabeth May. We are thankful to have a baby so healthy and full of life!
  • For our prayer and financial supporters that encourage us!
  • For the growth of the ministry that God is allowing us to experience in Awana, the discipleships, agricultural support to different ministries, the worship ministry at church, and the support to coffee growers.

Pray to the Lord:

  • For Adria’s health to improve, as she has been dealing with some extreme exhaustion, fatigue, and weakness.
  • For the spiritual growth of those that God is allowing us to disciple.
  • For wisdom in all our ministry decisions.

Thank you all for your continual support and prayers that keep us going and growing here in Honduras!

Love in Christ,

Adria & Job