May 2018 Update

Dear friends and family,

Thank you all for your continual prayers! We need them. Let us know too how we can pray for you!

Pic: Pouring concrete floor for Martin. One of our neighbors had a problem with his house. The floor of his house was made of dirt and a plague of rats had invaded the subsoil of his house. It was such a problem that occasionally the rats would climb onto his bed. For this, we united with a local church to help donate a concrete floor for him. An entire day of work was necessary to level the floor and remove the rat nests. Martin, the owner of the house, has been a widower now for 1 year and has a daughter. They both feel blessed to have experienced the love of God in this way. Already now they have joined a discipleship group to grow spiritually.


Pic: Repairing wells in the valley of Comayagua with Water Ambassadors Canada. Our Canadian friends came at the beginning of May to identify areas of action in the southern part of Honduras and to repair wells for drinking water for several communities in the valley of Comayagua. This was a time of training and learning for Job to install new water well pumps. It also served to gain access to other communities to proclaim the gospel through tangible actions that demonstrate what God does in the hearts of His children. Over 200 families were benefitted from the repair of these wells!


Pic: Helping Fred Jackson as he begins a new ministry: A Leap of Faith. Job met Fred during his training with Living Water International last November. Since then Fred has experienced a deep growing desire to adopt a Honduran community and to organize community development projects over the long term. Consequently, he came down for a week this past month and Job showed him several possible communities to work with where we have repaired wells in the valley of Comayagua. Fred plans to continue coming to the community he has chosen (Arrayan) the rest of this year to get to know their needs better and define a development strategy for the long term. 


Pic: Puran families cultivating. Summer here has finally ended. God has blessed us with abundant rain as the rainy season begins. The families are taking advantage of these rains in their gardens and their production has greatly improved since summer has ended. All the families know that it is the providence of God that makes the soil produce. In Honduras, we have a proverb that says: “Nor do the leaves of the trees move if it is not by the power of God.” 


Praise the Lord: 

  • For the privilege that God gives us to be able to help others, through our supporters, organizations, and ministries.
  • For God’s protection during an outbreak of the H1N1 swine flu that has recently killed 12 people in Honduras.
  • For our family and supporters that provide us their support and help.

Pray to the Lord:

  • For Adria’s health to improve. She is currently in the States for a Dr. visit. Please pray for some answers to come of this as she continues to experience extreme exhaustion, fatigue, insomnia, weakness, and nausea.
  • For spiritual growth of the kids, youth, women, and men that we work with.
  • For wisdom in making decisions that honor God in our ministry and family.

Love to you all,

Job & Adria