June 2018 Update

Dear friends and family,

We are so grateful for your thoughts and prayers this past month! Please continue to lift us and the ministry up in prayer.

Pic: Completion of the Samaritan’s Purse discipleship program. We thank God for the opportunity we had to complete the 12 week program teaching over 200 kids about Jesus. The seed was planted in their lives and 12 kids accepted Jesus into their hearts as well as a father of one of the families there. We praise God for the opportunity that we continue to have of freely sharing the gospel with our neighbors. The AWANA program will continue to follow up on the discipleship of these kids for the rest of the year.
Pic: Trip to the southern region to prepare for the arrival of Water Ambassadors Canada (WAC), a North American brigade that will be repairing wells and installing new pumps in the driest area of Honduras. Over 2,000 people will benefit from this project! The communities that were selected to receive these well pumps are communities where a local church there, called Getsemaní, is planting new churches. This project of changing well pumps will be of benefit for this church as it will give them a new opening to strengthen their relations within these communities and to continue sharing the gospel with them.


Pic: Using a GPS to measure ministry land and begin the planning stage of their coffee farm. We are now supporting 4 different ministries in the establishment of their farms to help them reach greater sustainability in the management of their ministry. We provide technical help for these ministries according to the needs of their farms. We also train their workers and share the gospel with those that still do not profess faith in Christ.

Praise the Lord:

  • For the 12 kids and 1 father that committed their lives to Christ during the Samaritan’s Purse discipleship program!
  • For a successful planning trip to the southern region before WAC arrives!
  • For His peace, which passes all understanding!

Pray to the Lord:

  • For Adria’s health to improve. Her nausea, insomnia, and weakness have been very debilitating this past month. Unfortunately, after several tests were done the cause wasn’t found, other than it could possibly be caused by anxiety and/or adrenal fatigue. She is trying some medication but so far has not found relief. Please keep praying for wisdom if some other tests need to be done or if more time is needed to adjust to the medicine.
  • For the WAC brigade that will be here July 28 – Aug 7 for well repair work.
  • For the spiritual growth of the 12 kids and 1 father that accepted Christ.

Thank you for praying with us and helping us serve with all your support!


Job & Adria