August 2018 Update

Dear friends and family,

THANK YOU for your faithful prayers, encouragement, and financial support. This past month has flown by in the blink of an eye!

Pic: Joining forces with Water Ambassadors Canada (WAC) to provide drinking water and the gospel to communities. For more than a year we have been waiting on God for the opportunity to collaborate with WAC. Finally, in the end, God granted us the privilege of serving with WAC to share the gospel, providing access to safe water for 11 communities, and giving hygiene lectures to the children and mothers of the community.
Pic: God allowed us to reach each one of the communities even though some communities did not have good access.
Pic: In the hygiene talks the group taught at schools on how to avoid illnesses and how to wash before eating and sleeping. They also donated soaps, toothpaste and toothbrushes.
Pic: With one of the WAC groups we repaired the game court for AWANA in our local church. The floor of the court was very slippery and some kids had already slipped and gotten hurt playing. The group removed the plain concrete layer and painted the court. Thanks to God, now the court surface is not slippery and looks like new, ready for 150 kids that come every Saturday afternoon!
Pic: The Gospel was shared during prayer walks… 
during the dedications of the wells…
during soccer matches…
and also in the maternity center to mothers with their newborns.
Pic: Preparation for the coffee season. Job continues to contribute technical and administrative assistance to the small farmers’ cooperative. The leadership had a spiritual retreat to pray for the future coffee season and to plan events to share the gospel with small coffee producers. The following month they will be visiting more than 75 producers to help them with their farms and to share the gospel.
We are so grateful for the visit of grammy Delma. While Job was busy with the first WAC group, Delma visited us and spent a great time with Adria and Elizabeth May. It was a tremendous joy to be able to have our dear grammy Delma here with us for two weeks! We also want to continue proclaiming the wonders of God and give thanks for another year of Adria’s life as we celebrated her birthday on the 27th. Also, we want to thank God for having finished the U.S. citizenship paperwork for Elizabeth. Next month we will receive her passport so that in the future we will be able to travel as a family.

Praise the Lord: 

  • For the accompaniment of God in the communities with the Canadians. No one was hurt and God’s support was felt in every moment.
  • For Delma’s visit and the health improvement of Adria. For a healthy, happy baby and for the strength she gives us as a family.
  • For our faithful supporters who are the instruments that God uses to finance the ministries where we serve.

Pray to the Lord:

  • For Camp “Connect” that AWANA will host next weekend. We expect more than 180 children and parents. May God use this camp so that new believers, both children and parents, can connect more with God.
  • For the visit of our friend Fred Jackson. Fred felt the call to adopt the community “El Arrayan.” There are more than 300 people in this squatters community and some live in chronic poverty. Fred will be coming to plan and implement sustainable development projects there.
  • Spiritual growth in our new believing brothers. That the professions of faith during the repair of wells and other ministries are strengthened by God.

Thank you for praying with and for us!


Job, Adria, & Elizabeth