September 2018 Update

Dear friends and family,

Here we are ending another month that feels like it just began! I’m sure you all are feeling the same way as kids go back to school and another season begins. Writing our updates always reminds us where the time went!

Pic: AWANA Camp Conéctate. Job continues to use the opportunity that God has given to serve in the AWANA ministry in our local church. The theme of the camp this year was Conéctate (connect yourself). The focus of the camp was for the kids who recently accepted Christ to truly understand what it means to follow Christ. Over 120 kids made a commitment to dedicate themselves to Jesus and to be Christians that honor the name of their Savior. Job served in various roles, leading devotions and game time. It was very rewarding to see God’s provision for this year’s AWANA program and the camp.
Pic: WAC Well Repair. Job continues serving with Water Ambassadors Canada. He has been visiting communities that are needy, both spiritually and physically. With WAC we want to have an integral impact in the communities without water access. For the future short-term mission trips, we are hoping that 2 kindergartens can receive water as well as 3 other communities. We need your prayers to help us locate the wells that need to be repaired.
Pic: Volunteering for Hope Coffee. Hope Coffee is experiencing some big changes as the coffee shop here in Siguatepeque changes to Serve Hope! Mark Fittz, the founder and a good friend of ours, recently visited to share how those changes will affect the ministry here in Honduras. Also, I (Job) was invited to give a talk on water to the high school program that is supported through Hope Coffee. I emphasized the importance water has in our lives and how to take care of this essential resource. Then I finished each meeting planting the seed of the gospel. At the end of one of the talks, a teenager approached me to talk. He started the conversation by stating he’s an atheist and that I should not use the lectures in the schools to present the gospel. This began a long conversation about God. Finally, we had to bring the conversation to a close as the next group’s class was to begin. I am very grateful for the opportunity I had to talk with this young man. I feel that God has trained me and continues to train me to share the gospel with atheists. I can’t explain it but every year I meet more atheists and I thank God that they take the initiative to come to me to talk. With regard to the young atheist of this school, my desire is to continue talking with him and to sow the seed of the word of God in his heart.
Pic: Serve Hope training. Job was also invited to a training led by Serve Hope on how to bear fruit in the ministries that God has entrusted us with. 50 pastors and ministry leaders were encouraged to unite together and share the gospel in a tangible way. We are asking God for guidance to minister together with these men and women with a passion for lost souls.
Pic: Puran Memories. We thank God for the call to serve that He has given us. We are also thankful for the community of Puran that opened their doors to develop a ministry of home gardens. Around 50 families have been taught how to cultivate vegetables to improve their health as well as generate income. Likewise, God permitted us to plant His word in the hearts of the people. The entire community was reached through the testimony of showing love to our neighbors.
Pic: Puran Memories. Considering that we have served in Puran nearly 2 years and after much prayer and conversation with some of our spiritual leaders, we believe that it is time to reach out to other groups where we have not yet shared the gospel. We give thanks to God for the home gardens ministry, where we saw testimonies of how God provided for dozens of people to improve both their health and their incomes. We know that God will give the growth to the dozens of seeds that were planted in each of the hearts of our friends in Puran.
Pic: Elizabeth is growing up fast! As you all well know, I (Adria) have had quite a hard time adjusting as a new mom. Taking care of a baby in a foreign country is difficult, but my struggle with anxiety really complicated life! Thankfully I reached out for help and the anxiety is now under control. But I’ve been trying to figure out how I could do normal life and still help with the ministry. Now I’m beginning to believe that being a stay-at-home mom is just the best way to keep things running smoothly. Elizabeth takes 2 naps a day and she’s old enough now that she won’t nap just anywhere. So my days pretty much revolve around her eating and sleeping schedule. I’m curious to hear from other moms how much importance you placed on your baby’s naps. Can you think back to when you had a 7 (almost 8) month old? Did you stay home so that your baby could get their naps in?

Praise the Lord:

  • For the home gardens ministry that has been very rewarding for both the lives of our gardening friends at Puran and for us too!
  • For the AWANA Camp Conéctate where the kids were challenged to live for Christ!
  • For the health God has given us that allows us to serve him constantly!

Pray to the Lord:

  • To locate which communities are still without access to potable water where we can reach out to both their physical and spiritual needs.
  • For the financial provision we need as we begin to apply for Job’s U.S. residency. This is the first step in the process to U.S. citizenship, which will allow for future travel when his tourist visa expires.
  • For wisdom as we seek out new groups where we can share the gospel to the lost and hurting world.

Thank you for praying!


Job, Adria and Elizabeth