October 2018 Update

Another month has passed and we feel blessed to continue serving God! It is wonderful to see how God sustains our lives and to dimension how blessed we really are.

Pic: Hiking with some of the disciple group. God has entrusted me (Job) with supporting different people in their spiritual walk. At the beginning of this month, 3 youth and I hiked to the highest point in Honduras, reaching over 9,000 feet above sea level. It was an adventurous experience and God gave me the opportunity to strengthen my relationship with these youth. We had conversations about our spiritual lives, about their future marital lives, and the challenges that we as men face, and about interpersonal relationships. It brings me great joy to see how God uses these moments to grow my discipleship group.
Pic: Fred Jackson’s Leap of Faith Mission Work Fred Jackson came this month to continue the community development project in El Arrayan. This month he worked towards strengthening his relationship with the people. There are 70 families that form El Arrayan and it was a blessing to be able to share the Gospel, give hygienic talks, as well as share a small bag of food with each of the 70 families that are struggling economically. We also met with the leaders of the community to begin working together in future projects that will focus on employment, food security, and overall a better quality of life.
Pic: Sale of pupusas to support Missionaries to Spain from our local church. In order to motivate the congregation to give to missions, the missions committee made an activity to raise funds to support the mission of the Great Commission. We sold pupusas (which are thick corn tortillas stuffed with either cheese, refried beans, or pork) and raised the church’s awareness of supporting the Lord’s work.
Pic: Supporting other ministries to increase productivity of their properties and become more self-sustainable. God has given us the joy of using our gifts in agriculture and forestry to do missions work. Month after month we offer our time to various ministries that need technical advice or training for their workers. It fills us with satisfaction to be able to share our time with the workers and to teach them how to build nurseries, prune trees, take care of a farm and livestock. We feel useful to God to be able to do this work.
Pic: Caravan of Honduran Migrants. You probably already know about the caravan of Honduran migrants headed for the US. This caravan has been walking for over 2 weeks now. According to many, they are fleeing poverty, violence, and organized crime. It fills us with pain to see children and even babies in this migratory process. From our perspective, we can testify that in Honduras lives extreme violence and poverty. For these people that migrate, they don’t have anything to lose by making this trek. In the same way, it pains us to know that there are about 7,000 Hondurans that abandoned their homeland and there would have been more but our borders are closed by the government and prevent the passage for other caravans that were recently formed. Also, we know that the opinions are divided respecting this caravan. On our part, we pray to God for the protection and sustenance of those that don’t have food, clothing, or shelter, whether they are migrants or not. Now more than ever we see the impact that God allows us to have on people. We give thanks to God that none of the families that we support with gardening or coffee farming decided to unite with the caravan. Therefore, our commitment is to pray for our neighbor, whether or not they are a part of this caravan. Also, to continue to generate a socioeconomic impact on the lives of those in which God allows us to serve.

Praise God for:

  • The provision of funds for Job’s residency process! This past month supporters helped us cover those expenses, a HUGE burden lifted off our shoulders!
  • Providing for us a roof over our heads, food to sustain us, health to keep working, and a purpose to live!
  • Our friends and ministry supporters that help us spiritually and economically! We desire that God blesses your studies, careers, businesses, and lives!
  • The opportunities that God gives us to disciple and evangelize!

Pray to God for:

  • Another monthly supporter. We just signed a contract for another year to rent the house where we are living and our rent has increased $25/month. If you would like to cover this expense please email us and we will send you the donation instructions.
  • A WAC team that will be serving here from Nov. 3-10. May God watch over them and help them as they bring access to potable water to several communities.
  • The AWANA kids and leaders as we wrap up this year. May the kids make commitments to continue living for Christ.
  • The caravan of migrants. That God be the one guarding these families and that He be the judge of the intentions to migrate of each person.

Thank you for praying with and for us. Your part is GREATLY appreciated!

Much love,

Job & Adria