November 2018 Update

Dear friends and family,

The month of November has passed and we feel blessed to be able to share our news with our family and friends that support us spiritually, morally, and financially!

Pic: AWANA. We’ve wrapped up this year’s AWANA program in our local church. We give thanks to God because on the last Saturday 8 kids accepted Christ as their personal Savior!
Pic: AWANA. Throughout the year, 30 leaders supported the ministry in discipling the kids and parents that came each Saturday. Around 250 kids were instructed in the Scriptures and a total of 34 kids accepted Christ!
Pic: WAC Work. Also this month, God allowed us to work with a team from Water Ambassadors Canada to bring water access to 4 communities, where about 2,000 people now have access to water!
Pic: WAC Work. The WAC team also gave classes on hygiene and shared the gospel. During that time, 14 people accepted Christ in these communities! We give thanks to God for each new profession of faith.
Pic: Colbath farm. Also, we continue to develop the farm in the Colbath family children’s home. We give thanks to God for this family that allows us to be involved in their ministry using forestry. We have started the last stage now of establishing the tree nursery to cover the property with hardwood trees. They are also learning how to take care of the pasture for the sheep and cows.
Pic: House Construction for Juana Maria with Serve Hope. Juana Maria is a single mother with 2 boys. Both of her boys were born with muscular atrophy disease, an illness that prevents them from walking. We feel honored to be able to serve God alongside Serve Hope, as it is a ministry founded by one of the missionaries whose example is one we would like to follow.
Pic: Car trouble. We also want to thank God for His protection. While Job was driving with a group to help build Juana Maria’s house, our vehicle suffered a failure in the cylinder heads. The radiator hose was too old and it failed, so our car spent some time in the shop. However, we can see the hand of God in this because the mechanic said it could have been much worse! It was a blessing to know that God is taking care of us.

Praise God for:

  • The protection He provides us in the communities and with the groups we are working with.
  • The opportunities that God provides us to serve him and to serve others in order to show His love through our actions.
  • Our supporters (spiritual, moral, and financial) that keep updated on the ministry and pray with and for us.

Pray to God for:

  • For Carlos, whom Job is discipling, as he is facing a family crisis. That his faith in Christ would allow him to come through victorious.
  • For Job’s health. During his time in one of the communities, he ate something that gave him a bacterial infection. He has gone to a couple of different doctors now. Please pray that this would soon be cured.
  • More financial support to cover our personal and ministry expenses.

Thank you for praying with and for us. Your part is GREATLY appreciated!

Much love,

Job & Adria