January 2019 Update

Dear friends and family,

Well, 2019 has begun and we give thanks to God for continuing to bless our ministry in Honduras! Many challenges may come for all and we pray to God that He sustains us and allows us to do His will.

Pic: Search for wells. This year we are expecting 5 groups to visit for well repair work with Water Ambassadors Canada. We thank God for the 30 wells we have found in various communities through the central and southern regions of Honduras. We are working with each community so that the impact of the well repair is not just a material help, but also brings about spiritual change for the people.
Pic: Helping other missionaries with their farm projects. One of our petitions to God is to have a farm, but until now God has not yet blessed us with one. However, He has allowed us to provide support to other missionaries with farm projects. This month we worked with David Guevara, giving some technical help as he begins restoring his coffee farm and building a classroom building where his ministry can train pastors.
Pic: Helping the Colbath family. The Colbath’s farm has been where we have invested the majority of our time and efforts. We thank God for 14 new sheep, which are helping to keep the grass down, fertilize the mahogany trees, and are providing meat for the 8 foster kids in their care.
Pic: OANSA: Because children are important to God. Yet another year God has provided for AWANA! This is the ministry of our local church where we are involved in evangelizing and discipling kids and their parents. This year we are expecting around 150 kids! We ask for your prayers that God touches the hearts of the kids, along with their parents, to accept Jesus as their Savior.
Pic: Sharing the gospel with Sustainable Harvest International (SHI) Sustainable Harvest International is an NGO (non-governmental organization) with the mission of transforming the lives of agriculturists. Unfortunately, the policies of SHI prevent that the life change of the people be integral. It is prohibited to speak of religion in this organization. However, Job has become involved with the aim of evangelizing the agricultural members of SHI and all of the technical personnel within the organization. Job serves with them 1 week each month, visiting farmers and spending time with various personnel of SHI. We ask you to pray that God could use Job’s conversations for the salvation of the farmers as well as the organization’s personnel.

Praise God for:

  • Your place in our network of supporters! Daily, we give thanks to God for all of you that are praying for us and sharing your blessings with us!
  • The service opportunities that God has recently been opening to us for reaching out to more farmers and providing help to other missionaries!
  • Adria’s health continues to improve! Ever since I started taking a vitamin supplement for the thyroid I am no longer dealing with insomnia and I’m sleeping well again! I so appreciate your prayers! Thank you!! Please pray that my metabolism would also return to normal.

Pray to God for:

  • This week the founder of Water Ambassadors Canada, along with a few other staff, is visiting to help establish this year’s plan of action for repairing wells in Honduras.
  • The beginning of Awana, that God provides sufficient leaders that are available to disciple kids and even the parents that come.
  • The health of our friend, Mitch Cooper. Even though he is now out of danger, the recovery is slow. We pray that God will give him patience. If you would like to help with his medical expenses, please follow this link: Help Mitch Cooper

Thank you for praying with and for us. Your part is GREATLY appreciated!

Much love,

Job, Adria, & Elizabeth