February 2019 Update

Dear friends and family,

We are praying you all are well, despite those record-breaking wind chills up north! This past month we have had quite the variety of work on our plate. We are energized to see God opening doors this year!

Pic: Water Ambassadors Canada work. The first week of February we started working with WAC to restore broken wells that were drilled by the Japanese in the 90’s and have been broken now for over a decade. That week over 1,200 people gained access to water! The locals were blessed with not only access to water, but also the gospel. After pumping the first gush of water, Job prays with them to thank God and gives the gospel message. At least 6 people accepted Jesus during their time together. Praise God for them!
Pic: Sustainable Harvest International. Sharing the gospel with farmers. This month Job has been investing his time visiting communities with SHI and getting to know the people. He also helped teach them how to vaccinate chickens to prevent avian pox. For the locals, a way to safeguard their only source of eggs and meat is nothing short of a miracle. We tell them it’s only our love for God that brings us to do this.
Pic: Oansa. We are so excited to see what God has in store as we begin another year of discipling kids in Awana! There are about 150 kids and 10 parents that are coming every Saturday. Volunteers from our local church are the leaders. Our goal during bible time is learning to grow to be like Jesus.
Pic: Digging a well for El Junco. While Job was visiting communities with SHI, he came across the community of “El Junco” with Jonathan, an SHI technician. Currently, this community does not have access to any source of water. The kids are sent out to hike a couple kilometers to bring back water by the gallon from a local, scum-filled pond. (see picture below) Job, with help from WAC and the locals, is digging a well and planning to install a pump to give this community access to potable water. During his time there he is sharing the gospel with the locals, and especially with Jonathan. Unfortunately, Jonathan has seen bad testimonies from the church and now he doesn’t want to hear anything about Jesus. We are praying for open hearts in the village and for Jonathan!
Pic: The current water source at El Junco, a scum-filled pond.
Pic: A dream come true! While visiting communities with SHI Job has begun to identify a network of organic farmers with whom we want to start a cooperative. A co-op would offer much needed stability for these families as well as provide cash for bus fares, medicines, school supplies, and farm tools. Here, Doña María received her payment for the harvest of 120 bananas. We paid 50% more than the average middleman and still made a 10% profit. We’ve all heard the saying: “Give a man a fish, and you feed him for a day. Teach a man to fish, and you feed him for a lifetime.” We believe this, but we want to go a little further. We want to teach people how to SELL their fish!

Praise God for:

  • The beginning of Awana, as God is entrusting us to reach the souls of 150 kids and their families!
  • A productive week with WAC while the founder of the organization was visiting. They were able to fix wells in 3 communities and reap a harvest of 6 new believers!
  • The restoration of health in our family. All three of us suffered a nasty cold this month. The flu, coughing, and fevers were overwhelming at times. Elizabeth suffered from an infection in her throat and I learned how to give a baby medicine! Glad that’s over!

Pray to God for:

  • Hearts sensitive to listen to God’s voice, in both the personnel of SHI as well as the locals in the communities.
  • Our trip to Kansas in March. We are planning a quick, 2-week trip to visit Adria’s family. We are looking forward to introducing Elizabeth to more aunts, uncles, cousins, great-grandparents, and the rest of the family!
  • Ripe hearts in the community “El Arrayan.” Our friend, Fred Jackson, is planning a visit the last week of March to begin this year’s sustainable projects for this community, as well as to share the gospel with them. He is planning to install a home water filter in each family’s house, a total of 70! He wants each one to tangibly feel God’s love for them.

Thank you for praying with and for us. Your part is GREATLY appreciated!

Much love,

Job, Adria, & Elizabeth