May 2019 Update

Dear friends and family,

The month of May has flown by and we give thanks to God for all your prayers and support. We are so grateful to be able to communicate with you all from such a long distance!

Pic: Discipling youth. In May we continued the discipleship ministry for these at-risk youth that come from broken and hurting families. Soccer allows us to awaken the interest of these teens that have never attended church. Of the 20 youth that come to the soccer games, 3 are already beginning to come to Awana and Youth Group. It’s a blessing to see how God works in their lives. Our goal is to share the gospel, disciple them, and to become role models to follow.
Pic: Showing God’s love to farmers. God has called us to be his ambassadors all across the globe. Our duty is to be the salt and light of the world. Therefore, we make the most of each opportunity we have to help farmers. The farmer has a difficult life and even more so when they are a subsistence farmer. For these agriculturalists that suffer the consequences of the greedy middleman, it is so difficult to obtain fertilizers and quality seed for their production. Because of this, we have been taking fertilizers and seeds to their communities so that they can take advantage of the rainy season and start cultivating. Also, we use our visits to share the gospel, as well as offer access to a better market to sell their harvests. This allows the farmers to gain higher, more just profits for all the efforts that they put into cultivating by hand.
Pic: Wells that need repair. God also allows us to be ambassadors of His kingdom through helping our neighbor gain access to clean drinking water. This month Job traveled to the southern region of the country for a week. This zone is the most barren, desert-like land in Honduras where water shortage is the most common. During his time there he located 12 wells that need a new hand pump. We are hoping to have a well repair brigade come in July. Over 5,000 people would benefit from these wells!
Pic: Water filters for El Junco. We are filled with joy to share with you that in May, all the water filters were distributed in El Junco! A total of 36 families received a water filter and instructions on how to maintain their filter. We shared the gospel while there and 4 people accepted Christ and 1 was baptized! Praise the Lord! Our friends at Serve Hope and The Bucket Ministry came to the community and donated the filters for each family there.
Pic: Wedding and Baptisms in El Arrayan. Back in March we distributed the water filters to the community of El Arrayan. These filters were also donated by Serve Hope and The Bucket Ministry. Job has been visiting the families that received the filters, sharing the gospel, and praying for them. During the visit with these 2 ministries, we saw how God convicted 3 people of their sin, and each one wanted to be baptized to complete this step of obedience. We are filled with joy that Rigoberto and Ana Luz, that believed and were baptized, recognized that they were living in sin to be living together without having married, and they wanted to get married. We have begun the marriage license process but the religious wedding couldn’t wait. They didn’t want to continue living in sin. So together with Serve Hope and The Bucket Ministry we pulled together a wedding ceremony 2 days later! We prayed for them and shared the gospel during the ceremony. The Holy Spirit works in wonderful ways when you are convicted of your sin and you no longer want to continue living the same way.
Pic: Elsy and family. Please continue praying for Elsy, that God would work in her life as Job continues to visit her to encourage her and pray. She needs to have a relationship with God in order to confront this great trial of being abandoned to raise their 3 kids on her own.

Praise God:

  • For 7 new brothers in Christ, 1 wedding, and 4 baptisms! It fills us with joy that our prayers are being answered!
  • For the strategic alliance with Serve Hope and The Bucket Ministry that provide access to clean water while sharing the gospel!
  • Even amidst the political unrest and subsequent violence God has protected us from harm!

Pray to God:

  • That the new believers would grow in faith and truth.
  • For El Junco. Even with the water filters, the water shortage problem has not been fully addressed.
  • For Honduras. In May a new wave of protests began. The health and education sectors are against the new laws that manage their respective sectors. There are already wounded and dead because of the violence that has erupted during these protests. Also, the main highways that connect the country are blocked during the entire day. We ask for peace and that God works in the hearts of the teachers, doctors, and politicians so that calm and tranquility may return to the country.

Thank you for praying with and for us. Your part is GREATLY appreciated!

Much love,

Job, Adria, & Elizabeth