June 2019 Update

Dear friends and family,

We give thanks to God for your lives. We are thankful each day for the support that you send us. We feel so blessed to be able to share what God is doing in Honduras!

Pic: Serving in AWANA, because kids matter to God. This month the Awana leaders were able to make home visits to all the kids that attend Awana. In just 2 days they visited over 180 kids that come to Awana. The purpose of the visit was to invite the parents to come to church, to get to know the needs of the families, and to pray for them. We pray to God that the seeds planted will bring forth fruit and that more kids will be able to come to church with their parents!
Pic: Training new leaders. Awana is growing and we can see this happening as more churches are beginning this ministry to evangelize and disciple kids and families. Job and Fredy (another Awana leader) shared a weekend with a church in the western part of Honduras. A total of 9 members there have taken on the challenge of starting an Awana program in their church. It was a blessing for them to train these 9 leaders and to see their desire to share the gospel. They are planning to start the program next month. Please pray for a great start to this new ministry in their church!
Pic: Helping farmers and their families. It is always a blessing to see God’s creation and especially in rural Honduras you can take in some incredible landscapes. We continue supporting farmers as they begin planting by transporting fertilizers. Watching the kids help their parents reminds Job of how he used to help his dad when he was their age. Upon arriving at Juan’s house, his kids (all under 12 years old) began carrying on their backs the 60 pound bags. After moving 60 bags of fertilizer, Job shared some gum and bananas with the kids. They told him it had been weeks since they had eaten bananas and months since they had a piece of gum. For them, it was extra pay, for Job it was a reminder to not take for granted the blessings God gives us, including what we would want to call “insignificant.”
Pic: Water purification system inventory for Water Ambassadors Canada. The lack of clean drinking water is huge in Honduras and it’s a blessing that there are organizations and ministries that want to help with this crisis. This month Job visited schools and rural communities that had systems installed by WAC in the past. Sadly, the majority of these systems are not working and need repair. Also, community leaders and school teachers need to be trained in how to do the maintenance work on these purification systems. Please pray that a brigade will soon be able to come help with the repair work and once again provide clean drinking water to these schools and communities.
Pic: Helping Elsy. This month Job visited Elsy again and took her some groceries to help provide for her 3 kids. It was a joy to see how their eyes lit up just to have things like cereal and milk that maybe they had never eaten at home. Elsy prayed and thanked God for the blessing and for us it brings joy to be able to help our neighbors! We want to continue helping Elsy and the entire community of El Arrayan. Fred Jackson plans to come next week to continue with the community development project to bring better education, health and hygiene, and higher income to the families of this community.
Pic: Filters at El Junco. We are so thankful with The Bucket Ministry and Serve Hope that donated the filters for El Junco. Now the families there are enjoying clean water and Job has been visiting all the families to check “how the filter is working,” but his main reason to visit is to encourage the 4 new believers in the community and to share the gospel with the other families. With each family he prays for their struggles and plants the gospel seed in their hearts. The biggest testimony that all the families have is that they used to have constant diarrhea and now they are feeling much better, have more energy, and they notice their kids are much healthier! PRAISE GOD FOR IT!
Pic: Sad news from El Junco. During the night of June 3rd a strong storm went through the community of El Junco. During that storm the electricity went out and the roof of the Catholic church collapsed. All the neighbors went to the church to help bring the belongings of the church to their homes. Jeaimy, a new mother to a baby of 4 months, started carrying benches from the church to a neighbor’s home. She left her baby at home with a candle lit. Sadly, as the candle burned down it fell on the small mattress where her baby was. One of Jeaimy’s neighbors heard the baby screaming and rushed over to save her, but the flames had already began to consume her body. However, she was still alive so they took her to a hospital, but they were unable to save her. They then returned to the community with their dead baby and buried her there. When Job heard about this he went to visit them and pray for them. He also helped them with the hospital and transportation costs. Honestly, this has been one of the most difficult days to show his faith. The mother is mad at God for taking her baby and at the same time Job is representing that God who took her baby. In his time with this family he could see how Jeaimy didn’t have any desire to be encouraged. Please pray for strength for this couple and that the gospel would touch their hearts.
Pic: Protests continue in Honduras. There are many wounded on both sides, the government and the people. The protesters are asking for fuel price reductions (a gallon costs $4.10), reductions of the permits needed for semis, and the removal of a new law currently in process that would privatize all education and health. Many professors, doctors, nurses, and transporters are blocking major highways to demand this, as well as the removal of the president. Until now, no one has conceded and the tension continues to rise.

Praise God:

  • For His protection during this time of protests and trips to the communities!
  • For providing $3,000: half of the funds that are needed to drill a well in El Junco!
  • For the blessings that are new each morning! To not take for granted each blessing!

Pray to God:

  • For Elsy and Jeaimy, 2 mothers that are suffering. That they would find comfort in God and accept Jesus as their Savior.
  • For El Junco, a community with a huge need for water. We just lack $3,500 in order to make the well study and then drill the well.
  • For Honduras, both the government and the people. That Hondurans would fear God and this could bring about peace and security.

Thank you for praying with and for us. Your part is GREATLY appreciated!

Much love,

Job, Adria, & Elizabeth