July-August 2019 Update

Dear friends and family,

Two months have passed since our last update so we’ve got a lot of catching up to do!! In July and August we have seen so many blessings from God in our lives and in the ministry.

Pic: Awana Leaders Retreat. Over 150 Awana leaders from the central region gathered together for a retreat. There was training on “How to Teach to Transform.” Awana is all about reflecting how kids are important to God and with this training the leaders were challenged and motivated to use the Word of God, with guidance from the Holy Spirit, to disciple their Awana kids. In our church there are over 200 kids attending Awana this year. Please be praying for our annual Awana Camp on the 28th & 29th of September. We pray the Holy Spirit would use this camp to fill the lives of these kids with His truth.
Pic: Water Filters for El Arrayan. We thank God for the partnership we have with Serve Hope and A Leap of Faith that have allowed us to bless more than 35 families in El Arrayan with water filters. These filters are already improving the health of adults and even more so the kids. Our commitment is to visit each family that has received a filter over the next few months to make sure they are using it properly. We take the opportunity during our visits to pray for these families and share the gospel with them. We give thanks to God that 3 people have already accepted Christ in this community!
Pic: Well repair in the “desert” zone of Honduras. With Water Ambassadors Canada representatives and a group of 8 Canadian volunteers, Job helped to repair 11 wells in different communities in Southern Honduras. A few of the communities they traveled to had no road, so they got a little extra exercise carrying all the tools and pump parts to the well location! For the Canadians this was especially physically demanding as the southern zone is known as the hottest and most arid region. Over 390 families were benefited from these well repairs and the Holy Spirit convicted 1 person of sin and she accepted Christ! Also, health and hygiene classes were given for several schools there. We thank God for His protection of the team as there were no sicknesses or accidents during their time here.
Pic: Elsy & family. We thank God for the work that He is doing in Elsy’s life. We also thank each of you that have been praying for her. Just recently she began teaching kindergarten in the local community school. This job provides her with $250 per month. We know this is very little but we continue to pray for God’s will for her life. Please continue praying for her, that God would give her wisdom and that she would come to know Christ as her Savior and lead her kids to know Him.
Pic: Ministry in El Junco. El Junco has captivated our hearts. With the huge need for water in this community, we just can’t ignore it! With a few volunteers from a couple churches in Houston, Job visited the community and checked on the water filters that were given there. They continued to use the visits to share the gospel and 4 people accepted Christ! With the group from Houston, they gave Bibles to the new believers and one of the volunteers was a nurse so she was able to provide some medical help. We thank God for these 4 new believers and for the health improvement of those the nurse attended.
Pic: Complications with the well-drilling project for El Junco. As we’ve mentioned before, the only water source in the community of El Junco resembles a puddle of filthy, stagnant water. From our initial research we estimated the cost to drill a well there would be around $6,000. God began to provide funds for this project and we began paying for the first steps of the process. However, when the local municipality realized that we want to drill a well in El Junco, they began to ask for countless requirements, because the well will be a public well. They have asked for a well-drilling tax, an official geological study of the viability of a well, documentation from the local leaders of El Junco that shows the legality of the well, a well driller accredited by the local municipality, and the list goes on! This was surprising to Job as the municipality normally is responsible for providing water access to communities, and instead of facilitating the process for drilling a well, it has complicated everything! However, we want to be faithful to the Lord’s will for El Junco. More than likely, the intention of all the requirements from the municipality is to motivate us to offer a bribe to lower these drilling permits. God has touched many of your hearts and He has already provided over $8,000 for this well project! Thank you so much for your part in this work and praise the Lord for His provision! We have already begun the LONG process to fulfill the requirements. So far we have started with the documentation from the local leaders in El Junco, we have completed the geological study, and we have found a certified well driller.
Pic: El Junco continued. All of this to say, compared to our initial estimate for drilling a well, the costs have increased dramatically! We still don’t know how much the exact cost will be yet. According to the geologist, we may need to drill up to 300 feet to reach water. This would cost around $9,000. Added to that are the drilling permits of $1,800, the geological survey was $500, and the El Junco government documents are $1,500. So in total we are looking at possibly spending $12,000 for this well! We want to be above reproach as we work through this process and so we will not offer a bribe to lower the government fees, which means we will go the long route. Pray that God would go before us as we complete each step of the process.

*Just a note for those who would like to donate for the El Junco well project. Please note on your donation that it is designated for the “water well project.” Our mission agency is now separating those funds so that they will take a smaller percentage of the donation and more funds will be allocated directly for the well.

Last, but not least, many of you have asked how Elizabeth is doing. She is now 18 months old! Can you believe it?! She loves reading her books, learning new words, going to the playground, practicing her shapes and colors, and eating lots of food!

Praise God:

  • For the new believers these past couple months!
  • For the partnerships with other ministries that help expand our outreach!
  • For His protection during trips to the communities! Job had an eventful drive home one afternoon when returning from a community. A police truck with 8 men fully armed in raid gear blocked the dirt road in front of him, jumped out, and immediately surrounded his vehicle. They asked if he was carrying a gun, searched the entire truck, and were speaking in code as they spent a good 10 minutes interrogating him, trying to determine if he was who they were looking for. Apparently our Nissan pickup looks similar to one they are looking for!

Pray to God:

  • For these new believers. That their love for God and their faith in Christ would grow deeper each day.
  • For the ministries that God has entrusted to us. That we would always be planting the seed of His Word and that the Holy Spirit works in the hearts of the people.
  • For El Junco. That God would go before us as we begin fulfilling the government requirements. That God would give us patience as this may be a very long process. That God would continue to provide the finances to drill the well.

Thank you for praying with and for us. Your part is GREATLY appreciated!

Much love,

Job, Adria, & Elizabeth