September 2019 Update

Dear friends and family,

The month of September flew by and we give glory to God for what He has allowed us to do! We would like to share with you how your prayers, encouragement, and support are changing lives here in Honduras!

Pic: AWANA Camp: Reflecting Jesus. We thank God for how the Awana ministry is discipling kids consistently and intentionally. Around 160 kids came to the 8th Annual Awana Camp to hear God’s word! Job was privileged to be the message speaker for the weekend. There were plenty of games, meals shared, an afternoon of wading through the river, and of course, a soccer championship. Saturday night there was a talent show of dramas re-enacting the life of Jesus. Even parents of some of the children attended and heard God’s word. Praise the Lord 6 kids accepted Christ and many kids made a commitment to reflect Jesus with their lives!
Pic: Movie in El Arrayan with Serve Hope and The Bucket Ministry. In March, Juan and Flora Bautista were one of the families in El Arrayan that received a water filter. Later, in May, they both accepted Christ and were baptized. These ministries continue serving this family in need and are currently constructing a roof over their adobe house. In September, Serve Hope and The Bucket Ministry decided to visit El Arrayan and make a movie as a testimony of how these water filters are not only greatly impacting the health of communities, but they are opening doors to share the gospel and make an eternal impact! The movie will be shown on November 8th at the “Buckets and Boots Big Event” in Parker, Texas. Job will be traveling to the event and helping share the vision and work of this ministry. You can learn more about The Bucket Ministry and the event info here: The Bucket Ministry.
Pic: Water filter work expanding. After distributing filters in the communities of El Junco and El Arrayan, Job has seen how God uses this filter to open the doors of homes and share the gospel. But not only to open the doors of homes, but also the doors of hearts. More than 10 people have accepted Jesus as he makes house visits to make sure the families are maintaining their filters. The ministry is seeing a great success in sharing clean water and The Living Water! Serve Hope and The Bucket Ministry have asked Job to be the national director for Honduras to help expand the work. This past month, Mark Fittz of Serve Hope came down to lead the Serve Hope team in visiting 40 pastors in 5 regions of Honduras. Job will be doing the follow up work of visiting these pastors and training them and their congregations on how to use this water filter to help evangelize their communities. Pray that God would speak through Job as he does this work to grow His Church!
Pic: A well for El Junco. Many thanks to those of you who have been praying and donating to bless the community of El Junco! This farming community of over 40 families does not have a water source. So far we’ve donated 36 water filters there to provide potable water. During the rainy season this allows them to filter the rainwater for drinkable water. But the real issue is during the summer months when there is no rain. The project we are working on to drill a well there is absolutely vital for this community. As we’ve said before, the local government is not making this an easy process. However, Job continues to work through the long process to receive permission and licenses to drill the well. We believe that God is using this to show His faithfulness. It’s incredible to see the entire community of El Junco praying daily, even in their elementary school, for drilling the well. We have faith that God will open the doors for this well!

*Just a note for those who would like to donate for the El Junco well project. Please note on your donation that it is designated for the “water well project.” Our mission agency is separating those funds so that they will take a smaller percentage of the donation and more funds will be allocated directly for the well.

Praise God:

  • For the water filter donations that are opening doors to share the gospel and share God’s love with clean drinking water!
  • For the prayer and financial support that so many of you are providing! God bless you!
  • For the recent rains! Normally we receive a decent amount of rain in June. However, this year there was none! Honduras was once again approaching severe drought conditions. Thankfully the winter rainy season has begun and is providing plenty of water to revive the land. Many farmers are sighing relief as they’ve started planting their crops. Praise God with us!

Pray to God:

  • For the farmers that are farming on mountainsides, that they would be able to use methods that would not cause devastating erosion and landslides. That God would provide for these farmers that work hard day after day just to survive.
  • For the 6 new believers in AWANA. That these kids would continue to grow in knowledge and fear of God.
  • For El Junco, that God opens the doors for the permit to drill a well in this community.

Thank you for praying with and for us. Your part is GREATLY appreciated!

Much love,

Job, Adria, & Elizabeth