October 2019 Update

Dear friends and family,

Blessings to you all! We give thanks to God every day for your lives. For us, it is a privilege to be able to share what God has allowed us to do in October. Let it all be for His honor and glory!

Pic: AWANA Regional Olympics. Awana has been hosting olympics competitions for 8 years now. Four churches attended this year’s regional competition. It was an opportunity to encourage the kids to memorize Bible verses and compete in the Awana games. God gave us the privilege to preach to these kids and their leaders, focusing on the fact that we are one body in Christ and we should not only memorize scripture, but we should be putting those verses in practice. The group was challenged to commit themselves to practice the Christian life every day. It was a blessed time together and our Lord Jesus was exalted!
Pic: The search for wells continues. Another well repair brigade will be coming November 16-23. We continue searching out the communities that still do not have access to potable water. Recently we have found 6 communities that will benefit from 8 wells to be repaired this month. We’ve been visiting the schools to prepare them for the visit as the Canadians will be teaching hygiene classes for the kids and mothers of these communities. These photos show some of the wells to be repaired and the water condition of a water reservoir at one of the schools. This school pictured receives 2 hours of water access per week for about 60 kids. With the well, the kids and the entire rest of the community will have access to potable water 24/7!
Pic: Farm work at Mission on the Move. God is using our experience with agriculture and forestry and putting them to work on the mission field. We continue to help the Colbath’s farm and the Mission on the Move farm. These photos show how we are maintaining the orange trees. Mission on the Move has a school and they provide orange juice for their kids the entire school year. Job trained Arnold and Luis, the young workers at the mission, on how to fumigate and take care of the trees. Currently the trees are nutrient deficient and are suffering from insect and fungal infection. We hope that God will restore the health of these trees and that they would continue producing oranges for many years to come.
Pic: Pure Water Training with Serve Hope and The Bucket Ministry. Last month we traveled to 5 different regions of Honduras to meet with pastors. This month we have seen the hand of God, even though there were protests and road blocks due to political crisis. God allowed us to visit 10 pastors and train them on how to use pure water in their ministry. We give thanks to God that the pastors are eager to use this evangelistic tool to grow the kingdom of God!
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Pic: El Junco News! God has heard our prayers for the well in El Junco! Along the way, God has allowed different obstacles to arise as we research and plan to drill a well for the community of El Junco. However, when Job took the coordinates of the location to the municipality they told him the location is outside of their jurisdiction, so no permits or licenses are needed!! It’s purely a miracle that God has eliminated those obstacles to drill the well! Glory to God! We give thanks to God for the encouraging news that we won’t be paying thousands of dollars for permits and licenses to drill the well! Also this month, Job took the well driller, Mike Wolfe, to visit El Junco. Mike is a missionary friend of ours that has been working in Honduras for many years and has gained a lot of experience. He noted that the road needs to be widened and repaired in order to get the well drilling rig to El Junco. He also said now that winter is here (which for us means “cold, rainy season”) the drilling rig could get stuck in the mud going up the mountain. So it’s best we wait to drill until February when our summer (hot, dry season) begins.

So far, God has provided $8,950 through your generous donations! Praise Him! Now that we no longer need to pay permits and licenses we are just lacking $1,400 to have the entire well cost covered. THANK YOU to all those who have donated! May God reward you greatly!

*Just a note for those who would like to donate for the El Junco well project. Please note on your donation that it is designated for the “water well project.” Our mission agency is separating those funds so that they will take a smaller percentage of the donation and more funds will be allocated directly for the well.

Praise God:

  • For the Awana Ministry! We have seen how God uses this ministry to equip leaders and disciple kids!
  • For the miracle for El Junco! We have seen how God has removed huge obstacles and now we are just waiting for February to begin drilling the well!
  • For how God is using water filters to bring clean drinking water to families in need and open their doors and hearts to share the gospel!

Pray to God:

  • For the water filter ministry. That God uses this ministry to expand His kingdom and that the pastors can carry out the work effectively.
  • For the well repair brigade, that the team would not be harmed while working here and for open hearts as the gospel is shared in these communities.
  • For Job’s trip to Dallas for The Bucket Ministry fundraiser. That God would speak through Job as he shares how the water filters are tools that bless these families and open the doors for evangelism.

Thank you for praying with and for us. Your part is GREATLY appreciated!

Much love,

Job, Adria, & Elizabeth