November 2019 Update

Dear friends and family,

November has passed and it has been a month full of serving in various ministries! Thank you to all who are supporting us in both prayer and finances. We cannot thank you enough! Read on to see what God is doing here in Honduras!

Pic: Agua Pura Ministry. We are filled with joy seeing how God is using the water filter to impact the hearts of individuals and entire communities! Together with Serve Hope, The Bucket Ministry, and a pastor in the community of El Palmichal, we donated 23 water filters. These 23 water filters not only represent 23 families that now have access to clean drinking water, but they also represent 23 families that are now being visited by their local pastor who is evangelizing to the lost and discipling believers. Glory to God for these open doors to share His Word! Job continues to visit more churches and pastors to train them on how to use the water filter as a tool for evangelism. Our vision for this ministry is not just to provide people access to clean drinking water, but to introduce people to the Living Water!
Pic: The Bucket Ministry “Big Event.” The first week of November Job was invited to speak at the fundraising event in Texas for The Bucket Ministry that helps provide these water filters. He was able to share how the water filter is being used not only to bring access to clean drinking water, but also as a tool for evangelism. Job was blessed to be able to spend time with supporters of The Bucket Ministry and explain the realities of life in Central America. This event was yet another way that God reminds us of how fortunate we are to have brothers and sisters in Christ who share with us day after day from the blessings God has given them. We hope and pray that God blesses these givers abundantly!
Pic: Water Ambassadors Canada Trip. Access to clean drinking water is a growing problem in Honduras and around the world. The water filters remove impurities and bacteria from the water, but what about when there is NO water?! For situations like this, we thank God for the Water Ambassadors Canada ministry that brings well repair brigades to Honduras. In November, WAC was able to repair 7 wells in different communities and provide access to water for around 2,500 people! It is a joy to see these people’s faces full of gratitude to the groups who invest time in their lives and take off work to come down and repair these wells. This year Honduras has been experiencing drought and the winter rains that came late have now stopped. But God in his infinite mercy has provided these wells as a relief from the water crisis. During each well repair we invite the community to pray and thank God for the repaired well and also take the opportunity to share the gospel. Praise the Lord, during this trip at the community of El Puente 1 person (Alexander) accepted Christ! He confessed that he has had a constant struggle to follow Christ, but as the team was repairing the well he could see and feel God’s love for him and his family as he realized God’s love is what motivates them to come and repair wells.
Pic: Operation Christmas Child. We thank God for the Samaritan’s Purse ministry, knowing that many of you have taken part in preparing these shoe boxes full of gifts for children around the world! In Honduras giving gifts at Christmas is not a tradition, so these gifts are very special to the children. This month the Awana leaders went to a rural community called El Palmichal and delivered the gifts to the local school where 75 kids attend. It was a joy to see their faces light up with smiles as they received their boxes full of surprises. When the team shared the gospel, all 75 kids prayed to accept Christ! Our local church will continue the follow up with these kids using the “Greatest Journey” Bible lessons to give discipleship and help them grow in their walk with God.
Pic: Serving with 99 Farmers. An organization that is just beginning, called 99 Farmers, has asked for our help as they learn how to best help the farmers in Honduras. As stated on the website: “The vision for 99 Farmers is bigger than just the capacity to produce more, or provide more, or employ more… through sharing the gospel and our faith, we can encourage and equip these farmers to be the difference in their communities.” This month 99 Farmers came to visit Honduras and learn about the struggles small farmers have here. Please pray for transformation in these farming families as 99 Farmers reach out to them with the gospel! You can visit the 99 Farmers website here to learn more: 99 Farmers

Praise God:

  • For allowing Job the opportunity to speak at the Bucket Ministry Big Event!
  • For the formation of 99 Farmers, a ministry that seeks to reach out to Honduran farmers!
  • For providing nearly all the funds needed to drill the well! Your generosity towards this community has raised $10,050 so now we are just lacking $300!

Pray to God:

  • For the new believers this month, that the local church would disciple them to grow in the knowledge of God and in fear and love for Him.
  • For guidance and direction for 99 Farmers as they learn how God wants to use their gifts to reach out to Honduran farmers.
  • For the well to be drilled in El Junco. That we can successfully reach the aquifer and that these families can have access to abundant water for years to come.

Thank you for praying with and for us. Your part is GREATLY appreciated!

Much love,

Job, Adria, & Elizabeth