January-February 2020 Update

Dear friends and family,

Is it just us or is 2020 already flying?! We give thanks to God for the technology that gives us the opportunity to communicate with you all. We pray that He keeps you all healthy and we send you blessings from Honduras. January, and now February, have passed and we have so much to tell you about what the Lord has allowed us to do these past couple months. Most of all we want to tell you about how God has answered a HUGE prayer in a HUGE way! Read on for some very exciting news!!!

Pic: Supporting farmers in El Arrayan with A Leap of Faith. We continue to join forces to help the community of El Arrayan. Unfortunately, this community has a large influence from Jehovah’s witnesses, Adventists, and the prosperity gospel. Our goal is to show the love and justice of God with sustainable projects. This month we started the firewood plantation project. One of the largest daily costs for people here is firewood for cooking. The community is excited to do their part in making this plantation a success. As Job and Fred share the gospel during their times there, we pray that the Holy Spirit would open their eyes to be freed from false doctrine and that they would open their hearts to receive Christ as their Savior.
Pic: Water Purification Systems with Water Ambassadors Canada. Years ago, several water purification systems were installed here and now the time has come to check over their maintenance. We give thanks to God for how WAC has brought many Canadians to Honduras (among other countries) over the years to help improve the lives of others. Job has spent quite a bit of time these past couple months locating these purification systems so that the group coming in March can check the maintenance and make any repairs needed. These systems bring clean drinking water to about 2,000 people! Please pray for them as they share the gospel with these 6 communities while they’re visiting.
Pic: Creating memories with family. In February Job was invited to speak at a fundraising event for Serve Hope International in Dallas, TX. While he was in the States he visited 3 of his siblings (2 that he hadn’t seen for 3 years) and also got to meet the newest niece in the family. While he was there, Delma and Alanna made a trip to Honduras to spend time with Adria & Elizabeth. We all enjoyed a great time together and before they returned to Kansas we made a trip to the north coast where Elizabeth got to see the ocean for the first time, on her 2nd birthday! In case we haven’t told you before, you’re welcome to come visit anytime! 🙂
Pic: Ministry of Agua Pura with Serve Hope International. The past 7 months Job has been helping Serve Hope International and The Bucket Ministry to distribute water filters to pastors all throughout Honduras. These pastors then use these filters to bless their congregation and also as an outreach to evangelize nonbelievers. During this time, Job has trained representatives of more than 20 churches in different regions of Honduras. Praise the Lord 16 people accepted Christ through this ministry and many more are beginning to attend the churches where the pastors were trained. God is using this ministry to help churches here get out and evangelize. Job is very fond of this ministry but he has had to resign in order to take on a new ministry God is calling us to.
Pic: Farm “God Makes It Grow” Finally, this brings us to our HUGE news! As we said before, God has answered a HUGE prayer in a HUGE way! Remember back in 2016 we told you about our plans for a demonstration farm and cooperative? Well, we’ve been waiting (albeit, impatiently) on the Lord for the funds to buy land. Towards the end of last year we received an email from a couple that has been supporting us for quite awhile now asking how much we would need to purchase the land. We told them we’d like to purchase about 10 acres and it would probably cost around $30,000. They replied to tell us they had that exact amount in hand, ready to donate for this very purpose!! Needless to say, we were (and still are) in shock and extremely humbled that they would choose this ministry to support with such sacrificial giving!!! We never expected this would be the way that God would provide for the land, so we are now searching for what property He wants us to purchase! Please be praying with us that God would give us guidance and direction to show us clearly the land He wants us to buy. And pray for protection against the devil’s schemes, that he would not be able to distract us from what God is doing here! So far, we have found a great property with public road access as well as access to electricity and water. Also, the people that own the neighboring land are a Christian couple we know very well and are a very honest and trustworthy family. Unfortunately the property is 24 acres, more than twice the size (and price) we’re looking for. Job has been talking with the owner about making payments and the owner said he would accept 3 payments. He would accept $26,830 in March, $16,261 in August, and $8,131 in December for a total of $51,222 (plus the transfer expenses). So we’re praying either God would provide another $22,000 or that He would show us a smaller property for sale. In case you missed our visits we made during the summer of 2016, I’ll put in a nutshell what God has placed on our hearts for the demonstration farm and cooperative. We want to use this land to not only “teach people to fish” (or farm in this case), but teach people how to SELL their fish (crops)! As a Honduran, Job has seen how farmers here don’t have a way or a place to sell their product without a middleman. The middleman then takes advantage of their lack of options. We pray the demonstration farm and cooperative help people learn how to earn resources to improve their quality of life and open doors to market their crops. But more so, we pray God uses our relationships to open their hearts during the opportunities we will have to share the gospel!

Please pray about this with us and if God calls you to give towards the land purchase, be sure to include a note with your donation to specify that it is designated for the “land project.”

Praise God:

  • For the opportunity Job had to serve alongside Serve Hope and for the people that came to faith during his time with the Agua Pura ministry!
  • For the family time we had with Delma and Alanna in Honduras and Job with his siblings in the States!
  • For the great blessing and encouragement God has given us through this incredibly generous couple so that we can buy land for the demonstration farm!

Pray to God:

  • For spiritual growth of the new believers and for the salvation of Job’s siblings and their families in the States.
  • For the well to be drilled in El Junco. Unfortunately the well drilling rig needed some repairs so Mike hasn’t been able to drill the well yet. Please pray the repairs would be successful and that he could drill the well this month!
  • For the communities where Water Ambassadors Canada will be checking the maintenance of the water filtration systems. Pray for open hearts as they share the gospel with the people during their time here.
  • For God to open and close doors concerning what property He wants us to purchase for the demonstration farm.

Also, just a reminder that you can follow Job’s social media pages for more frequent updates. You can find him on facebook: Job David Gámez Abelar and on Instagram: @tpjgamez.

As always, THANK YOU for praying with and for us. Your part is GREATLY appreciated!

Much love,

Job, Adria, & Elizabeth